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PINTEJIN lifting sling now has become leading enterprise in China. And we are creating the largest-scale workshop.PINTEJIN has the complete production line from raw material to finished products. Each processing has independent workshop, making lifting sling, ratchet strap, car towing belt from 0.5T to 3000T. We are capable of finishing big order quickly.

PINTEJIN now has a whole set of perfect testing equipment, which ensure that we could guarantee the quality of round sling, from 20T to3000T, and webbing sling, from 20T to 50T.

Facing with Financial crisis, every customer pursuits maximum profit. Our order quantity raise up by 40%comparing with the last year. Believe in partner’s power, believe in PINTEJIN.

PINTEJIN rigging hardware established in 2008 at Dongguan China. Since 2012, PINTEJIN metal forging company is now proudly among one of the largest rigging hardware manufacturers in China. We produce:

  • Over 13 year manufacturer experience
  • Use best raw material from Hang Steel
  • Own 600 workers, Most of them with 8 years experience
  • Approximately USD100 million of annual output
  • Strict inspection for each order
  • Solution will be gave within 24 hours

 The Advance Of Our Riggting

  • LARGE-SCALE ADVANTAGE:PINTEJIN firmly believe that development is an absolute principle. We take market as guidance, with profession enhance competitive advantage, while the professional advantage most direct embodiment is large-scale and top-grade.
  • TECHNICAL ADVANTAGE:Our cooperative effort makes us a bigger one .PINTEJIN engages many talented people who are professional at researching , management and market . Everyone is entitled necessary right to excite their potentiality . Which ensure the enterprise research one or two new products every year .
  • QUALIFICATION ADVANTAGE:PINTEJIN has obtained ISO9001 , CE , GS , CCS , certificates , which is not common in the same industry . Meanwhile our PICC insurance afford RMB2000000 products liability insurance every year.
  • Enterprise manage tenet:More Safety More Reliable pintejin Rigging
  • Enterprise service Philosophy:Clients are right forever
  • Enterprise manage concept:Insist improvement,own rigging industry advanced management advantages, technological advantage,brand advantage,always meet customs requirement.
  • Enterprise manage purpose:The leader of rigging industry management innovation and technological innovation.pintejin Group is willing to always stand by you,will make pintejin brand customers have wealth forever.

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