2013-07-05 15:21 CNC technology widely used

2013-07-05 15:21CNC technology widely used

CNC technology since its birth, by virtue of its advanced exquisite processing technology, related industries have been gradually applied, which in the machining industry’s most widely used. As we all know, the mechanical industry, particularly the high-end CNC machinery industry is the basis of modern equipment manufacturing industry, machinery industry developed or not, directly determines a country’s level of development of equipment manufacturing industry, for our country, as has long been the core technology and key components start late, lack of innovation in the field of high-end CNC machinery manufacturing industry has been relatively backward, with advances in technology, product upgrades as well as national key projects, local investment project progresses, the various sectors of the national economy cnc machine tool products, the level of demand will be further increased modernization of national defense against high-level CNC machinery demand will more pressing, CNC machinery industry has made great development, especially the development of more rapid Cnc Engraving Machine.

With the continuous development of digital technology and the expansion of application fields of the national economy and a number of important industries, such as IT, automotive, light industry, medical and other development plays an increasingly important role, because these industries have digital equipment required is the modern trend of development. The next 10-15 years is a critical period for China to promote industrialization, power, petrochemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other industries the rapid development of CNC machinery enterprises gave birth to huge demand, there are some other industries such as railways, aviation, energy and other industries on CNC machinery is still there is greater demand, especially in the automotive manufacturing industry began to rise, indicating that CNC machinery especially for large and high-end CNC machinery demand is relatively strong, with the manufacturing changes in market demand, product upgrades demand the release of "revitalization plan" and "Major special "policies, constantly optimize the product structure, CNC machinery industry will be a structural recovery opportunities. It can be said that China CNC machinery coming years will be very optimistic about the development of the industry, especially in high-tech CNC machine, and gradually developed into a high-speed lane.

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