2013-07-25 18:58 Woodworking engraving machine automation

2013-07-25 18:58Woodworking engraving machine automation

Currently, woodworking engraving machine industry showed good situation of rapid development, has begun to run into the development speed and quality of synchronous growth of a new phase of rapid growth in production output, economic efficiency has increased, overall, the development of CNC woodworking engraving machine, high-speed the average growth rate in the industry.

However, we should also see the industry in the development of the existing problems, on the one hand the international and domestic macro-economic downturn, woodworking engraving machine corporate profits continue to be compressed, especially labor-intensive enterprises are facing unprecedented pressure. From the international environment, the world-wide economic development pattern is constant change, both pregnant with enormous opportunities, but also accompanied by a severe challenge to the industrial transformation and upgrading of CNC machinery has brought profound impact. From the domestic environment, although the basic conditions for development of the industry, intrinsic motivation and long-term trend has not fundamentally changed for the better, but the traditional mode of development is facing many challenges, optimize and upgrade industrial structure is imperative. Thus, strengthening woodworking engraving machine automation transformation, degree of automation to improve production, reduce labor intensity and improve the working environment, which are imperative, but also has become a general consensus within the industry.

The next five years, the engraving machine automation will usher in development, along with wood engraving machine automation industry’s prosperity and development, industry structure upgrading and technological progress will have a more ample power and a more diverse selection.

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