2013-08-23 10:44 Jinan River CNC product sales growth

2013-08-23 10:44Jinan River CNC product sales growth

The face of an increasingly competitive market, engraving machine, Jinan rivers CNC in the pursuit of excellence in quality, continuously improve product service system, through the first-class quality and service, with practical actions to win the market and customer acceptance, to achieve the enterprise reputation and economic benefits of rapid promotion, and sales in a competitive situation is grim circumstances, to achieve a total sales and rapid growth in the number of orders gratifying situation.

Accordance with the "to do is to do the mass market, so the market is to do service," the guiding philosophy, Jinan River Cnc Engraving Machine in the premise of ensuring product quality, continuous improvement and innovation service to make it more comprehensive and user-friendly, the company to all customers commitment to product quality problems or have questions about the customer’s use of such situations, companies will unconditionally provide services to customers, until the customer satisfaction, as long as customers encounter problems, through the company’s online customer service, mail, telephone, QQ and other ways , can get the company to provide quality service. In order to really give customers confidence and satisfaction, the company offers free technical advice and guidance, tracking machine usage, and provide customers with technical update service, the company will according to customer specific requirements recommend suitable products to help customers use the product to answer any questions about the process, and provide a certain time warranty service, if a customer purchases a product performance problems, the company responsible for the free warranty.

Meanwhile, Jinan River CNC engraving machine actively expand marketing channels, through participation in Canton Fair and other help to expand the international market and the popularity of a variety show, so that more foreign businessmen awareness and understanding of rivers engraving machine, it is precisely through the exhibition feedback information, allowing companies keen grasp of market dynamics, according to the international situation changes, this year’s international focus on India, Egypt and other Arab countries, and to develop more suitable for these target customers use products.

It is because of these completely customer perspective proposed service concept and practical practice, Jinan CNC engraving machine engraving machine rivers won a broad market, woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, and other models to further improve its market share.

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