2013-09-06 15:59 Engraving machine control performance

2013-09-06 15:59Engraving machine control performance

To meet the needs of the market and technological development , modern manufacturing of CNC technology proposed higher requirements , and with artificial intelligence in the field of computer penetration and development of numerical control system introduced adaptive control, fuzzy systems and neural networks control mechanism , engraving machine control performance continue to improve and progress , woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine CNC technology continues to improve , numerical control technology and equipment development is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Network: to facilitate remote operation and monitoring , but also easy to adjust and remote fault diagnosis , not only conducive to CNC system production plant monitoring and maintenance of their products , but also suitable for large-scale modern production workshop unmanned , the implementation of network management, also not suitable for operating personnel to the scene in the work environment .
Flexibility: Flexible engraving machine is the ability to change to adapt to processing objects . Engraving machine to flexible automation systems development trends are: on the one hand from the point that CNC single and so on, and so on -line flexible manufacturing system that is to face workshop independent manufacturer Island section , the body that is distributed network integrated manufacturing system in the direction of the other on the one hand to focus on the application and economy direction. Flexible automation technology focus is to enhance the reliability of the system , practical into the premise for easy networking and integration as the goal.
Intelligent: With the demand for artificial intelligence automation , CNC system of intelligent technology continues to evolve and to adapt to manufacturing highly flexible, able to get the degree of increase in the constant . Not only in the production and processing of intelligence throughout the whole process , but also throughout the product after-sales service and maintenance . That is not only in control when machining CNC system is intelligent , that is a fault in the system , diagnostics , maintenance are also intelligent, personnel requirements for operation and maintenance to a minimum.
Speed, high efficiency , high precision , high reliability : to improve processing efficiency , we must increase the cutting speed and feed , while also reducing the processing time ; to ensure processing quality , need to improve the precision engraving machine trajectory , and reliability is the basic guarantee of the above objectives . To this end , the world advanced CNC system uses a 32-bit microprocessor speeds up to tens to hundreds of megabytes , the minimum setting unit is 1um , the maximum rapid traverse speeds of up to 240m/min, while the world advanced CNC system CNC system control by reducing errors and the use of compensation techniques to improve the machining accuracy of CNC system .

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