2017 Annual Meeting of MTSCO

2017 Annual Meeting of China



Jan. 15th, China held the Annual Meeting of 2017. All staff of China and some of our suppliers attended the meeting. The meeting began at 13 o’clock. First, the General Manager, Cherry Gao, summarized up the work of 2017. At 2017, the sales of China have increased by 110%. 2017 is a rapid development year, the achievement is very pleasant. Cherry Gao praised everyone in the company. In the past year, everyone has made great progress in both performance and efficiency.

Then six sales departments and quality inspection department made the summary of 2017. Some departments have overdone their goals, but some of them haven’t. Every department recognized their deficiency, including quotations, negotiations, and shipments…… The directors have described their achievements and shortcomings in team building. We will develop a lot of better sales in 2018. In addition to sales, quality inspection is also important. We will make sure that every stainless steel tube is qualified, and the high quality products will be sent to the customer.

After the summary of work, we commended excellent teams and employees. Some of them made great sales, some of them developed a lot, some of them work very hard.

Finally, the part of expectation. Brave Hua, the General manager made a plan of 2018 from sales, products, suppliers, team and some other aspects. All of us are full of hope for 2018. We will try our best to be the most reliable industrial metal service provider in the world.

Through one year’s efforts, we have gained much customers’ praise and also met frustration. We have also deepened the cooperation with many suppliers. From 2006, we started our stainless steel business, now we can provide stainless steel, duplex steel, nickel alloy and so on.

We can provide materials such as 304/L/H/N , 316/L/H/N/Ti , 321/H , 309/H , 310S , 347/H , 317/L904L, 31803 , 32205 , 32750 , 32760, Alloy B/ N10001, Alloy C22/N06022, Alloy C276/N10276, Alloy 600/ N06600, Alloy 601/N06601, Alloy 625/N06625, Alloy 925/N09925, Alloy 926/N08926, Alloy 400/ N04400, Alloy K500/N05500 etc.

We will provide the best products and better service in the coming year.


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