3D Printing Technology Of Casting Production Principles

To change the situation of the manufacturing industry in China is large but not strong for a long time, enhance China's competitiveness in the world, promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, China issued a "made in China" 2025 "strategic planning, including through technological innovation and the introduction of high-end equipment that the manufacturing industry is on the road to innovation-oriented enterprises has become an important direction.
Foundry industry is the Foundation of manufacturing industry for the automotive, aerospace, machinery and equipment industry to provide the most basic of casting support, and it is also the world's largest producer of castings production for more than 10 years in the leading position in the world. On the proportion of profits but in the casting and European and other industrialized countries there is a gap. Like most lucrative market long dominated by Europe and high-end castings.
This form, 3D printing appearance of casting technology, provides new opportunities for foundry industry transformation and upgrading. 3D printing equipment is additive manufacturing technologies, that is, using material "layered manufacturing, layer-by-layer" method of making real parts, computer graphics, digital information is its integrated control, laser technology, mechanical and electrical technologies and materials technology and a number of high-tech advantages, products can be used to improve manufacturing processes, significantly reduce development and production process.
In a number of 3D printing, three-dimensional printing (3DP technology) with forming speed, forming low price and do not need to support the process of forming, the excess powder material removal, particularly suitable for cavity complex prototypes and is best used with combination of casting process and realizing industrialization.
Many enterprises to import efficient large 3D printing devices, 3D printing technology in the casting of the industrialization of applied research. Equipment uses 3DP technology, mainly used in sand casting-direct printing, mold manufacturing, styling of the traditional casting, core, type 4 process all replaced by 3D printing process.3DP file is a digital model on the basis of using the adhesive material of powder, through printed layer by layer method to construct a three dimensional object technology, information technology and materials technology, integration of digital manufacturing technology. Its principle is:
A first step, the sand sand is set according to the amount of sand used for layered sand and compaction;
The second step, print head with bonding resin sand section "printing" on each layer of sand in the paving;
The third step, "printing" after the lift platform down 0.1-0.5mm, sand grit once again, print head once again, "print", so the cycle until the print through the sand.Previous: 3D Technology Production Castings, Has The Following AdvantagesNext: 3D Printing Technology And Simulation Technology The Basic Idea Is

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