8-bit OTP MCU application scheme based on HT46R73D-3 design

HT46R73D-3 is a dual slope ADC 8-bit OTP launched by Holtek. MCU, Contains 4KB OTP program memory, 128 B data memory, 2 16-bit timers and 1 8-bit timer, and has Buzzer hardware output function. Equipped with rich and diverse peripheral functions, it is especially suitable for bridge-type sensor measurement systems, which can be used to measure pressure, temperature, and humidity changes, such as weight scales, pressure gauges, thermometers, hygrometers, tire pressure count and so on. This article introduces the HT46R73D-3 main features, block diagram, connection diagram and typical application circuit of a dual-slope ADC that bridges sensor inputs.

The HT46R73D-3 is an 8-bit high performance, RISC architecture microcontroller device specifically designed for A/D with LCD applications that interface directly to analog signals, such as those from sensors.

The advantages of low power consumption, I/O flexibility, timer functions, oscillator options, Dual slope A/D converter, LCD Display, HALT and wake-up functions, watchdog timer, as well as low cost, enhance the versatility of these devices to suit for a wide range of AD with LCD application possibilities such as sensor signal processing, scales, consumer products, subsystem controllers, etc.

HT46R73D-3 main features:

_ Operating voltage:

fSYS=4MHz: 2.2V~5.5V

fSYS=8MHz: 3.3V~5.5V

_ Three system oscillators:

External Crystal oscillator

External RC oscillator

Internal RC oscillator

_ Up to 16 bidirectional I/O lines

_ One external interrupt input shard with an I/O lines

_ One 8-bit and two 16-bit programmable timer/event counter with overflow interrupt a 8-stage pre-scalar

_ LCD driver with 16_4 segments

_ 4K_15 program memory

_ 128_8 data memory RAM

_ Single differential input channel dual slope Analog to Digital Converter with Operational Amplifier.

_ Watchdog Timer with regulator power

_ Buzzer output

_ Internal 12kHz RC oscillator

_ External 32.768kHz Crystal oscillator

_ HALT function and wake-up feature reduce power consumption

_ Voltage regulator (3.3V) and charge pump

_ Embeded voltage reference generator (1.5V)

_ 4-level subroutine nesting

_ Bit manipulation instruction

_ 15-bit table read instruction

_ Up to 0.5_s instruction cycle with 8MHz system clock at VDD=5V

_ 63 powerful instructions

_ All instructions in 1 or 2 machine cycles

_ Low voltage reset function

_ One vibration sensor input

_ Four touch-key inputs

_ 52-pin QFP package
8-bit OTP MCU application scheme based on HT46R73D-3 design
Figure 1. HT46R73D-3 block diagram
8-bit OTP MCU application scheme based on HT46R73D-3 design

Figure 2. HT46R73D-3 Input/Output Port Block Diagram
8-bit OTP MCU application scheme based on HT46R73D-3 design

Figure 3. Dual slope ADC connection diagram for HT46R73D-3 bridged sensor input
8-bit OTP MCU application scheme based on HT46R73D-3 design
Figure 4. HT46R73D-3 application circuit diagram

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