8 Steps To Teach You To Quickly Install Stainless Steel Handrail And Cable Railing Hardware


 Now many families have installed stainless steel railings or stainless steel handrail, but how

In order to be the fastest and easiest to install it?

In fact, the installation of stainless steel railings,eight processes can quickly complete the installation of stainless steel railings.

  1, the engineering process: installation of embedded parts → payoff → installation column → handrail and column connections→ Polishing → drilling → installation cable railing hardware

  2, the installation of embedded parts (after the embedded parts)

 Railings embedded parts can only be used after the installation of embedded parts practice, the approach is to use expansion bolts and steel to make the rear connector, first in the grassroots on the line,determine the column fixed point position, and then drill the hole with the impact on the ground, and then install the expansion bolt, the bolt to maintain a sufficient length, after the bolt positioning,Tighten the bolt while welding between the nut and the screw to prevent the nut and the plate loose. Handrail and wall surface connection also take the above method.

  3, Release line.Due to the above-mentioned construction of embedded parts, there may be errors, therefore,

Before the column is installed,Should be re-release line to determine the location of buried plate and the accuracy of the welding pole, if any deviation, timely correction. Should ensure that all stainless steel columns are located on the plate, and the surrounding can be welded.

  4, Installation column welding column, the need for double cooperation, a tube to hold it vertical to keep the welding can not be shaken, the other person welding, to the four weeks of welding, and should be consistent with the welding specifications.

  5, handrails and columns connected. Before the installation of the column, by stretching the cable, according to the angle of the site and the handrail used of the roundness, in the upper end of the groove processing. Then put the armrest directly into the column groove, from one end to the other end of the spot welding installation, the adjacent armrest docking installation is accurate, tight joints. Adjacent steel pipe after docking, the joints with stainless steel welding. Before welding, it must be 30 along each side of the weld~ 50mm range of oil, burrs, rust and other clean.

  6, polished and polished

 After all the welding is good, use the hand-held grinder to flatten the weld until no weld is visible. throw light when using velvet wheel or felt polishing, while using the appropriate polishing paste,until almost consistent with the adjacent base metal, no significant weld so far.

7. Once installed, a complete cable gland kit is available, including everything you need (angled railings may require additional hardware) for installation. All of our components come in 1/8 inch (3.2 mm), 3/16 inch (4.8 mm), and ¼ inch (6.4 mm) stainless steel 316-type cable glands. The 1×19 structure creates a semi-rigid feel with minimal stretching. It can be used for most railings applications because it can safely be bent to 45 °. The 7×7 structure can be used for more decorative applications requiring bending over 45 °. All our cable guide systems are machine or manual forged.

8. According to the need to choose the appropriate wire rope and accessories for the suppression of assembly, the general home assembly, only need hand tools can be completed, for some of the pull on the requirements of outdoor decoration fence, the use of machine-type tool to forged.

Master these eight steps, easy installation of stainless steel railings.

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