A brief introduction to the application of industrial titanium bars

Industrial titanium bar is a square titanium alloy material and rectangular titanium alloy material, that is, flat side length of the titanium tube. It is made of strip steel by process treatment. Usually the strip is unpacked, flat, bent, welded to form a round titanium alloy, and then the round titanium alloy rolled into a square titanium alloy and then cut to the required length. Usually 50 sticks per pack.

Industrial titanium bars have the following applications:

1. The national standard for open cold-formed steel has been formulated, but the sectional shape needs to be corrected and revised in the publication design drawing;

2. Although there are national standards for compression plates, they can no longer be used.

3. The hot rolled H-beam is suitable for beams and industrial titanium rods for columns. According to foreign materials, the share of H-beam and industrial titanium bar is 1:1, while China has always followed the hot-rolled H-beam mainly, with output value of nearly 2 million tons. However, the production standard of industrial titanium rods is small, the manufacturing process of box beam is backward, and the number of industrial titanium rods is far lower than hot rolled H-beam, which is the appearance of unreasonable. Discussion should be converged on development of large industrial titanium rod in order to satisfied the market demand, according to the state of the research conclusion is: 350 x 350 mm, t = 8 to 16 mm square titanium alloy under the appropriate chooses a molding straight seam welding titanium alloy production, 350 * 350-800 * 800 mm, t = 8 to 20 mm appropriate chooses two titanium alloy weld butt welding process, is to extend product standard and can be welded stiffener (plate), 800 * 800-1000 * 1000 mm, t = 20-40 mm appropriate chooses bending process, this is the best way to produce.

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