A Fashion Silicone Coin Purse Price: Is Silicone Purse Expensive?

silicone coin purse, in recent days, is very popular among buyer.Here are thousands of silicone coin purse was sold on market, and the unit price of silicone bags is different.Is the price of silicone purse pounch resonable?Is those purse good quality with such a low price?Believe that most buyers may ask themselves once.What is a normal market price of silicone coin purse?As we all know, silicone rubber is the maily material of making those colorful silicone coin pouch. Actually, law silicone is a kind of material easy to get and the producing technology of coin purse is not difficult. And because of that, most silicone purse on market is not expensive.Low price is one of the reason why silicone coin purse pouchs become a popular promotional gift which was used on a purpose of maketing.Unit price between $0.5-$10 is seen frequently. Which price range silicone purse in is most cost-effective?Though there are other influence factors such as technology, design and patterns may influence the price, but for most products, $0.01/g is the most common price.

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