After the epidemic, smart logistics will empower the construction of smart cities

In the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia this year, smart logistics has made important contributions in transporting materials and reducing human infection. People have also seen the importance of smart logistics. It is believed that after the epidemic, smart logistics will be greatly developed.

As we all know, urban logistics directly affects the traffic load of the city, and smart logistics will be the starting point and support for the construction and sustainable development of smart cities. Through the fight against the epidemic, the concentration of the logistics market will be further improved in the future. It will become a development trend to use the Internet platform to integrate resources to improve upstream and downstream business collaboration and resource sharing capabilities, and to sink logistics resources to reduce costs.

Smart logistics can be simply understood as the use of advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence in the logistics system, so that the entire logistics system operates as intelligently as under the command of the human brain, collects and processes information in real time, and makes Optimal decision-making and optimal layout, each component unit in the logistics system can achieve high-quality, high-efficiency, low-cost division of labor, collaboration, and cooperation.

The essence of wisdom is to imitate human intelligence and use thinking abilities such as perception, learning, reasoning and judgment, so that the logistics system has the ability to solve certain problems in logistics by itself. It has three major characteristics: first, realize information exchange and sharing, effectively reduce logistics costs and improve logistics efficiency; second, intelligent decision-making and execution, developing towards automation and programming; third, in-depth collaboration and integration, with intelligent management as the core Optimize the management mode to provide customers with high-quality logistics services at the lowest cost.

Cities are important carriers of human civilization. According to Deloitte data, there are currently more than 1,000 smart cities under construction in the world, and nearly 600 in my country. If the information of every citizen in the city where the epidemic occurs, everyone can be accurately tracked, every outflow population can be located, and the epidemic prevention and control will be more orderly. This is the value of a smart city. Smart cities include: traffic management, logistics supply chain, emergency disaster preparedness, information traceability, etc., all of which will be fully digitized. It is believed that after this new crown epidemic, my country will take a step forward in the construction of smart cities.

The fight against the epidemic shows that the accelerated development of smart logistics will become an inevitable trend.

1. Connection upgrades. Some institutions predict that in the next five to ten years, new-generation technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data will enter a mature stage;

2. Data upgrade, with the construction of information system, the popularization of data docking and collaborative terminals, the data can be collected, entered and analyzed in an all-round way. It is expected that in the next five to ten years, the degree of digitalization of logistics will be significantly improved;

3. Model upgrade. It is expected that in the next five to ten years, new methods of division of labor and collaboration such as crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and sharing will be widely used;

4. Experience upgrade. In the future, the distributed logistics Internet will be closer to consumers and fully replace the centralized operation mode;

5. Intelligent upgrade. In the next five to ten years, the density of robots will reach about five units per 10,000 people, completely changing the traditional logistics genes;

6. Green upgrade. It is expected that in the next five years, green packaging and green warehousing will be widely promoted and applied. The advanced form of smart logistics is the deep application and deep integration of artificial intelligence and smart devices.

In the future, with the maturity of technology integration such as unmanned vehicles, drones, and unmanned stores, the existing logistics operation model will be greatly improved. Taking the warehousing system with the most complex operation as an example, intelligent robots can replace manual labor. The moving route in the warehouse is more reasonable, the division of labor is faster, the sorting speed is faster, and the utilization rate of warehousing is improved. At the end of the distribution, unmanned vehicles replace manpower to solve the problem of the last mile.

Facing the urgent needs of the market, more relevant logistics companies will increase their investment in heavy assets such as smart logistics. In the next three to five years, with the impact of the epidemic prevention and control, the city end under services such as new retail has been focused on The distribution competition is more intense, and the smart supply chain will be the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Combining big data and Internet of Things technology and the experience of epidemic prevention and control, cities and enterprises will also establish more efficient and intelligent logistics systems. Throughout the entire industry, extensive expansion will be gradually abandoned, and major logistics giants will begin to develop in an efficient and intelligent direction. Among them, the layout of 5G + smart logistics will receive the most attention.

In a word, in the post-epidemic era, smart logistics plays a prominent role in the construction of smart cities. In the urban transportation with a large amount of material flow, especially in the emerging supply chain, how to solve the problems of goods distribution and warehousing through smart means will undoubtedly achieve twice the result with half the effort. Provide a starting point and support for the construction of smart cities in my country.

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