Alumag’s Asia automotive lightweight procurement symposium 2016, Shanghai, China

The 4th Automotive Lightweight Procurement Symposium focussing on automotive lightweighting, supply/process chain and procurement management, will take place in Shanghai, China on the 11 – 13 July 2016.


This year’s Asia Automotive Lightweight Procurement Symposium offers the chance to listen to and network with executive speakers and delegates from the aluminium, magnesium, steel and composite industries. OEMs will express their needs and expectations from the supplier and technology, as well as the light-weighting side. Tiers will showcase their leading weight reduction solutions, joining technologies, material and process hybrid components.



Who Should Attend:

The event is designed for procurement executives who are part of the lightweight supply chain and engineering as well as technical sales managers seeking an understanding of the synergy of cost- / weight reduction programs.


Fast Facts:
Expected number of participants – 130+
Number of executive speakers – 14+
Presentation language – English & Chinese
Includes a lightweight technology exhibition
Features three days of networking including three receptions

To find out more about this event and how to register, please visit: Alumag 2016

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