Aluminum deep drawing cap

Aluminum Deep Drawing cap

We are custom metal parts manufacturer,providing custom Aluminum deep drawing cap as above showing according to customer’s Sample and drawing.

Custom Aluminum Deep drawing cap

We offers comprehensive in-house services, from initial design to fabrication. For many years, we has established a good reputation for meeting customers’ requirements and quality standards as a custom parts manufacturer.

Our strong team is dedicated to providing you the world-class quality and service, our team includes professional engineers and designers, skilled tool makers, experienced QC inspectors, well-trained machinists and management personnel.

Deep Drawing Stamping

Model NO. Customized Tolerances 0.01mm
Product name Aluminum deep drawing cap Finish Powder coating, anodizing, paint, zinc plated and etc
Color As per customers’ requirements Trade mark  OEM
Package Wooden case, paper carton, pallet, iron case Market USA, UK, German, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, Mexico, Sweden, and so on.
Origin Made in China Production lead time 7-30 days.
Material range Carbon steel, iron, alloy steel , stainless steel, aluminum alloy; brass, copper, bronze, copper alloy ect.
Surface Powder coating, paint, hot dip galvanized, electro galvanized, chrome plated, nickel plated, polishing etc.
Process Metal fabrication, machining, welding, forming, shaping, drilling, stamping, laser cutting, CNC lathe, CNC milling, spot welding, full welding, tig welding, mig welding, riveting, tapping, grinding, assembling, etc.
Machinery 15-500ton stamping machine, CNC lathe, CNC milling, band saw cutter, auto welding robot, butt welding machine, beding machine, plate cutting machine, shot blasting machine, drilling machine, polishing machine, flame cutting machine.
Our capacities stamping, welding, maching, casting, forging, assembly, surface treatment, deep drawing etc.
Service OEM&ODM
Material thickness 0.5mm ~12mm, or as per customers’ requirements.
Application range Construction, agricultural, automotive, electric, sports accessories, furniture, household appliance etc.

Our Services
Price– Competitive.We know the market situation.
Quality– Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement.
We know the importance of material chemical composition,tolerances.
We know the Happiness when we do well,and result when we fail.
Delivery time– Time Guarantee. We know the loss of our customer when we delay.
Excellent Service– 24hours answer.72hours quotation
We answer for any quality issue,if there will be any.

We produce quality CNC machined parts, sheet metal fabrication, metal stamping prototypes and production, wire forming parts,deep drawn enclosures and related metal parts. We are committed to provide custom-made metal stamping parts at high quality and lowest cost.Under current economy situation, most customer are persuing cost-effective items.

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