Aluminum exports at Manzhouli port soared in the first 7 months, a year-on-year increase of 13.6 times

According to statistics from Manzhouli Customs, in the first July of this year, 525.2 tons of aluminum products were exported at Manzhouli Port, an increase of 13.6 times year-on-year (the same below), valued at 12.844 million yuan, an increase of 9.9 times, all exported to Russia. Among them, 150.9 tons of aluminum products were exported in July, a sharp increase of 90.8 times, worth 3.456 million yuan, an increase of 57.5 times.

From the perspective of trade methods, in the first seven months of this year, the aluminum exports at Manzhouli Port were dominated by general trade methods, which increased by 13.4 times, accounting for 94.7%, and were supplemented by bonded logistics trade exports, accounting for 5.3%. In terms of the nature of the enterprise, the export of private enterprises accounted for a relatively large proportion, accounting for 79.7%, an increase of 10.9 times. The export of new foreign-invested enterprises accounted for 20.3%, and a small part was exported by state-owned enterprises. In terms of export types, other aluminum alloy rectangular plates and sheets were the main products, which increased by 101.2 times, accounting for 43.8%; other aluminum alloy profiles and profiles increased by 562 times, accounting for 21.1%.

According to the analysis of the customs statistics department, the main reason for the rapid growth of aluminum exports at Manzhouli Port is that with the continuous recovery of foreign economies, the increase in the production of new electric vehicles and the increase in the proportion of aluminum in automotive materials have promoted the increase in overseas aluminum demand. As a large aluminum producer, my country still has sufficient inventory despite the relative shortage of supply in the global aluminum market, which has promoted a large number of domestic aluminum exports.

It is worth noting that as my country’s aluminum exports continue to increase, foreign anti-dumping policies on my country’s aluminum exports have been implemented successively. Since the beginning of this year, Vietnam, South Korea, the European Union and other places have adopted a series of anti-dumping measures against my country’s aluminum exports. To this end, Manzhouli Customs recommends that companies reasonably control the scale of production and export proportions, actively adjust export strategies to respond to changes in overseas markets, and accelerate the development of new aluminum deep-processed products to improve their own risk resistance.

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