Analysis of common misunderstandings in keeping a car

With the continuous prosperity of the automobile market, owning a private car is no longer an unattainable dream that year. Automobiles have gradually transitioned from luxury goods to daily necessities. However, due to the rapid development of our automobile market, many car owners are We don’t know much about cars, most of them still stay in the stage of “step on the accelerator to go, step on the brake to stop”. Little is known about cars, especially car maintenance.

No, for a few days, Mr. Ying, a car owner from Hangzhou, has been very depressed. Why? It’s because his car, which is less than 100,000 kilometers away, needs to be overhauled. What would happen like this? The root cause is that his car has not been maintained for 20,000 kilometers continuously, and the oil viscosity has been lost. The engine can only be solved by overhauling. It cost 20,000 yuan at once, and the maintenance cost for 20,000 kilometers is only a few thousand yuan, which is so painful. The lesson made Mr. Ying very regretful.

BMW engine that has never been maintained

In fact, this is no longer an engine overhaul problem caused by neglecting car maintenance. A few years ago, a female BMW owner drove her BMW 50,000 kilometers without maintenance. After that, her BMW engine was damaged and completely messed up. , The oil inside can’t be released.

I think there are many examples of this kind, so I won’t give examples one by one. The fundamental reason for these cases is that the car owners don’t understand the car and the importance of car maintenance. They just did a lot of homework when buying a car. The performance, space, and seats of the vehicle are very well understood. They don’t hesitate to spend money on these aspects, but they do not know much about car use. When it comes to vehicle maintenance, they think about saving money; sometimes they are even stingy. To the point, some online car clubs have even contributed to the flames. I once saw a saying that the maintenance cycle specified by the manufacturer is for the 4S shop to make money, and there is no need to carry out vehicle maintenance based on such a maintenance cycle.

Rumors are harmful. It is these kinds of rumors. They take advantage of the car owner’s mentality of not understanding the car, and let the car owner enter the misunderstanding of maintenance. They do not know that maintenance is very important to the car and even the car owner. If it is not enough to maintain the car, Death is not alarmist.

Therefore, develop a good habit of using and owning a car, and maintaining it according to the prescribed mileage or time can allow you to use the car well and use the right car. Therefore, in daily driving life, car owners should pay attention to some common sense of car use and avoid some misunderstandings in car use. This is the king of car use. So what are the misunderstandings that we need to pay attention to in our daily life?

**: The longer the car is used, the less lazy it is to maintain

When a lot of car owners first bought a new car, the maintenance frequency is very high, as long as there is a little problem, they will go to the 4S shop or professional shop. However, as the time of using the car has been extended, the maintenance of the car has become less and less important. We said earlier that this is the case with Mr. Ying.

In fact, the frequency of car maintenance is directly proportional to the time spent on the car. That is to say, the longer the vehicle is used and the greater the mileage, the more frequent the maintenance should be. For example, a new car should be maintained every 5,000 kilometers, and a 10-year old car should be maintained every 1,000 kilometers. Nowadays, it is stipulated that old cars older than 6 years need to be inspected every year, which is the reason.

Second: The steering wheel hits the end

In the process of learning to drive, the instructor sometimes asks the students to “steering the wheel to the end” in order to make the car move more accurately. However, after learning, many car owners still retain this habit, and even change their direction. This habit is very harmful to the car, because doing so will greatly increase the wear of the steering system’s ball joints and connecting rods. In addition, for vehicles with power-assisted steering, when the steering wheel is killed, the output of the power-assisted pump to the steering gear is the largest, which causes the internal oil pressure and oil temperature of the power-assisted system to rise sharply, which may easily cause damage or leakage of the power-assisted system.

Third: One foot slams on the brakes

Booming the accelerator and slamming on the brakes are a favorite driving method for many people. Especially when passing a red light, you have to reach the stop line and then apply the brakes. In fact, experienced drivers know that the brakes should be “brake lightly and slowly”. Basically, when they saw the green light flashing, they began to slowly step on the brakes, so that the speed of the car dropped evenly, and then slowly stepped on to death at the stop line. Doing so will not only not cause discomfort to the people on the car, but also benefit the braking system and suspension of the vehicle without damage.

Fourth: “Where is uneven” where does it accelerate

Many people like to drive fast and experience “speed and passion”. They wish they were Schumacher, and the car they drove was Ferrari. It was not enough to run rampant on the road and change lanes at will. When he crosses speed bumps and uneven roads, he also resolutely implements the principle of not slowing down or slowing down. When encountering potholes, I also increased the throttle and speed up, as if I was in a hurry.

This driving habit can easily affect the wheel alignment system, cause the vehicle to run off, or affect the life of the tire, affect the suspension of the vehicle, and sometimes the ditch will scratch the chassis of the vehicle, or even damage the engine. In severe cases, traffic accidents lead to tragedies, which drivers, especially young drivers, must pay attention to-the steering wheel is not just a car, but the safety of you and all vehicles and people in your car and on the road.

Fifth: No fear of road teeth

This is the “*****” of car tires. According to statistics, in China, 70% of tire damage is caused by the teeth on the road. In particular, squeezing on the side of the road teeth, it is easy to cause the tire to break. In addition, when there is no parking space in the unit or community, many car owners will borrow flower beds and roadsides to park their cars diagonally all day. As everyone knows, this parking method will cause tire vapor pressure to be unbalanced for a long time, and it is also easy to cause tire bulge.

Sixth: Gasoline alarm to continue driving

If the fuel tank warning light is on, it means that there is not much left in the fuel tank. But veteran drivers know that with the remaining fuel, ordinary vehicles can still travel dozens of kilometers. However, the gasoline pumps of many current models are directly installed at the bottom of the fuel tank, and the gasoline pumps rely on gasoline for lubrication and cooling. If the amount of gasoline is missing too much, the gasoline pump cannot be properly lubricated and cooled under driving conditions, which can easily cause damage to the pump body.

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