Analysis of Five-axis Machining Principles for Product Development

As an important driving force for the rapid growth of the national economy and the upgrading of industrial technology, the construction machinery and equipment technology manufacturing industry, which is mainly marked by product development and five-axis processing dual-machine linkage technology, will continue to progress together with the rapid development of high-tech and other emerging industries. . Our country should not only strive to be an industrial power in the world’s advanced manufacturing industry, but also strive to become a powerful country in the world’s advanced manufacturing industry! It is expected that in the near future, with the gradual popularization and promotion of machine tools and Cnc Machine tools, it will It will lay a solid economic foundation for developing into a solid and powerful enterprise!

Product development Five-axis machining linkage machine tool processing mode is currently a main processing mode of domestic CNC machine tool five-axis linkage processing. First, when describing the lateral movement of the right-angled spindle of a large CNC machine tool in the machine tool drawing, a right-angled rectangular spindle placed on the right hand side is usually used to define the coordinate system, where the right-angled spindle is divided into parallel to the CNC The two Cartesian coordinate system spindles of the right-angled spindle of the machine tool respectively define the four spindles with different axes as z at the same time.

Then the specific movement direction of each workpiece coordinate direction axis in the product development five-axis machining can be realized by a worktable, that is, it can be realized by the specific movement direction of a tool, but the movement direction is based on the direction of a tool itself relative to a workpiece and The direction and speed are defined by the device.

In recent years, with the urgent need of adapting to the rapid and healthy development of my country’s modern national economy and modern national defense construction, a large number of urgent market demands have been put forward for high-end large-scale CNC machine tools. The machine tool industry is an important symbol representing the development level of the equipment manufacturing industry. And what really represents the higher technological realm of my country’s machine tool equipment manufacturing industry is the CNC machine tool transmission system after the development of five-axis automatic processing of machine tool products. In a sense, it reflects a developed machine tool industry economic development technology. High level status.

Analysis of Five-axis Machining Principles for Product Development

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