Analysis Of Sheet Metal Fabrication Applications

Sheet Metal Fabrication technology Sheet metal products forming a through the traditional cutting cutting, punching processing, bending forming and other methods and master the process parameters, cold stamping die structure and a variety of equipment working principle and manipulation of the important process. Hong Weishun Sheet Metal Fabrication technology also includes new stamping technology to new technology, Sheet Metal Fabrication also called me to do metal Sheet Metal Fabrication.
Sheet Metal Fabrication of the processing steps are pre-product testing, product processing trial production and product batch production. In order to create more in line with customer needs of the product, in the product processing trial production steps, should promptly communicate with customers, if the trial products meet customer requirements, you can mass production.Sheet Metal Fabrication has a traditional cutting technology, there are new technology laser drilling technology. Laser material processing technology to achieve the earliest practical laser technology is laser drilling technology. Sheet metal workshop laser drilling generally used pulse laser, energy density is high, shorter time, the use of processing 1m holes, especially for processing with a certain angle and thin materials, small holes, but also for processing strength and hardness High or more soft and soft material on the parts of the deep holes and tiny holes.
Now in the Sheet Metal Fabrication laser cutting machine in the development of laser drilling technology has been achieved under the automated operation, not only effectively improve the traditional Sheet Metal Fabrication technology, but also greatly improve the work efficiency, saving manpower and material resources, and better To promote the development of sheet metal industry.
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