Anti-interference protective measures for four-column hydraulic press

The four-column Hydraulic Press will definitely receive external interference during use, and external interference may cause substantial differences in the finished products. Therefore, we need to avoid these external interferences when using the hydraulic press!

  • 1. Physical isolation method, increase the distance between the disturbed circuit or device of the four-column hydraulic press and the interference source. Since the interference intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, increasing the distance between the interference source and the disturbed circuit as much as possible will greatly reduce the interference. Propagation will also reduce the failure rate of the hydraulic system. Especially in the harsh environment of the power supply, the editor of the four-column hydraulic machine recommends that you use a stable power supply. In order to suppress the noise of the power supply and the interference between the power supply and the earth cable, you can An isolation transformer is connected between the devices.
  • 2. Shielding method. In order to protect the four-column hydraulic press and components from the external electromagnetic field, isolation and shielding measures are usually adopted. Electrostatic shielding is to eliminate the interference between the circuits due to the sub-capacitance and the interference; low-frequency magnetic field shielding is for constant magnetic field and low-frequency magnetic field. The use of high-permeability ferromagnetic materials can be used to achieve shielding, and the magnetic lines of force can be limited to shielded conductors with small magnetic resistance. The use of twisted-pair wires can also eliminate this type of interference; electromagnetic shielding can withstand or exclude electromagnetic through reflection or absorption.
  • 3. Grounding method, the four-column hydraulic machine connects its shell to the earth for protective grounding. If the four-column hydraulic machine system ground wire is connected to the earth, it is the system grounding. Through protective grounding or system grounding, the purpose of anti-interference can also be achieved.
  • 4. The filter can suppress the input interference and the various interference induced on the signal transmission line. Commonly used are low-pass filters and DC filters, which are generally installed between the power supply of the four-column hydraulic press and the numerical control device.

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