Apple fined $12 million in Russia: What did Apple say in response?

Apple has been fined more than 906 million rubles (about $12 million) for violating Russia’s antitrust laws, according to a notice issued by Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service.

Russia’s Antimonopoly Service found that Apple abused its dominant position in the app market to give its own products a competitive advantage while worsening the conditions for the dissemination of rival products. First, it hinders developers from developing parental monitoring applications, and second, the access rules of the Apple App Store are not transparent enough.

The lawsuit against Apple is based on a request from Russian IT security firm Kaspersky Lab. Kaspersky Lab said: Back in 2019, Apple rejected a new version of its own app, “Kid Safety,” because Apple released its own “parental control” app, Screen Time.

In response to this, Apple responded to the local media that it did not recognize the result and would appeal.

Apple also added that we are proud to help hundreds of thousands of Russian developers, including Kaspersky, bring their apps to more than 1 billion users in 175 countries through the App Store.

Adding to the woes, the European Union will also file an antitrust lawsuit against Apple this week, a case that began two years ago when music streaming app Spotify sued Apple for charging a hefty 30 percent subscription fee in exchange for Its showcase feature in its App Store, but refuses to let users know of a cheaper way to access its ecosystem outside of the Apple App Store.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but has denied any allegations of anticompetitive behavior. Apple also claimed that Spotify made “misleading statements” for financial motives.

It is worth noting that the payment registration related to the Apple App Store has been controversial. It is reported that Apple charges developers 15% to 30% in the App Store, which also makes many developers dissatisfied and has disputes with Apple.

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