Apple’s 2020 Supply Chain List Announced: New Gigabyte Innovation, etc.

IT House May 31 News According to Core Intelligence, on the 27th of this month, Apple announced the list of the top 200 suppliers in 2020. Compared with the list in 2019, in terms of regional division, the newly included Apple supply chain The largest number of manufacturers in mainland China, as many as 12 companies.

Apple’s 2020 Supply Chain List Announced: New Gigabyte Innovation, etc.

Specifically, among the manufacturers in mainland China, Guangdong Chaoyang Electronics and Jilin Liyuan Refining were removed, while Nanping Aluminum, Zhaoyi Innovation, Tianma Microelectronics, Jiangsu Jingyan, Suzhou Shengli Precision, and Deren were newly added. There are 12 companies including Electronics and Synlun Technology. In terms of regions, mainland China has the largest number of new companies.

It is worth mentioning that although OFILM is still on the list of Apple suppliers in 2020, it has been removed from the Apple supply chain in 2021.

In Taiwan, China, 6 companies were added and 6 companies were removed. Among them, the newly added companies include Shuanghong, the leading company in cooling modules, the leading crystal technology of quartz components, Kangkong, GIS, Maolin, and Jiaze, while the companies that have been removed include Zhenglong, Fuyang Technology, a subsidiary of Pegatron, and TPK in Mainland subsidiaries Jingjia Optoelectronics, Darfon, Meilu and Mingxiang Technology. In Hong Kong, China, Shanghai Industrial Holdings returned to the supply chain list after being removed last time; however, Artesyn Technology, Cathay Pacific Daming and Chuangliang Technology were removed.

In the part of US manufacturers, Apple’s new suppliers include Universal semiconductor, Viavi Solutions, which provides vertical resonant cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) components, and Cypress Semiconductor, which was acquired by Infineon, was removed. OmniVision (acquired by Weir), Kemet, Chemours (CC-US), Schindler Technology (TTMI-US), SiTime (SITM-US) and Coilcraft.

In terms of Japanese manufacturers, SMK Group, Sharp Group subsidiary Kangdazhi, and Japan Seiko were removed, while Toshiba was replaced by the split Kioxia. In addition, NGK Special Ceramics was included in the list of new suppliers. The Korean manufacturers added Samsung Electro-Mechanics, a supplier of RFPCB, and removed the soft board manufacturer Interflex.

IT House learned that on the 28th of this month, Apple released its 15th annual “Supplier Responsibility Progress Report”, which gave detailed data on the rights and interests training, hygiene and health education received by Apple’s supplier employees. Data on specific projects Apple has done with its suppliers to advance the environment.

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