Application of Automatic Card-issuing Parking Lot Management System in Hotels

Nowadays, the parking lot management system is widely used in various places in the society, including residential areas, shopping malls, tourist attractions, office buildings, etc., and it is no exception in large hotels. The application of hotel parking lot management system is very helpful to improve the service quality of hotel customers.

In view of the particularity of the hotel parking lot service objects, Dashou has specially developed a set of management systems for hotel parking lots that are widely applicable to various types of hotel parking lot management systems-automatic card issuing parking lot management system. This system is a parking lot management system for R&D personnel to break through the traditional management mode and realize self-service card pick-up under the background of respecting the original user groups and re-improving market demand. It inherits the stable, beautiful, and cost-effective advantages of the Dashou parking system, and has achieved a qualitative leap in system processing, data storage, trouble-free operation, background management and other capabilities. It is a practical and versatile system. product.

The biggest feature of the automatic card-issuing parking lot management system is that it has an automatic card-issuing function. When the vehicle enters the parking lot, after the vehicle touches the ground-sensing coil at the entrance, the control machine will automatically spit out the parking card, waiting for the customer to take out the parking After the card is stuck, the barrier will automatically rise, and vehicles can enter the venue quickly. The advantage of this is that it saves the car owner from the trouble of registering or looking for buttons, and only needs to “reach out” to quickly enter the parking lot, which greatly facilitates the car owner.

Automatic card exit parking lot management system has the advantages of almost all parking lot management systems. It improves traffic conditions at entrances and exits, promotes rapid entry and exit of vehicles, and can also perform other more management functions in conjunction with other section functions. Not only that, while the system improves the user experience, it also enhances the overall image of the hotel, bringing more added value to the hotel.

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