Application Of Steel Wire

The steel wire is made of high quality carbon steel, and it can reach very high strength after many times of cold drawing and heat treatment. Galvanized steel wire can be used in damp or open environment to enhance rust resistance.

The wire rope is a standard product in all industrial countries, can choose the number of shares per share, the wire rope diameter, number, tensile strength and adequate safety coefficient according to the use requirement, its specifications can be got to check in the manual. In addition to wear outside the outer wire wire rope, a pulley and the drum is mainly due to repeated bending caused by metal fatigue gradually broken, so the ratio of diameter of pulley or drum and wire rope is an important factor to determine the service life of the rope. The ratio is large, the bending stress of the steel wire is small and the service life is long, but the mechanism is huge. The appropriate ratio must be determined according to the occasion of use. The wear, corrosion degree of wire rope surface or the number of broken wires in each twist interval shall exceed the specified value and shall be scrapped.

The wire rope is mainly used in hoisting, transportation and transportation in need of high strength rope.

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