The fashion collision between cotton cheongsam and laser technology

The fashion collision between cotton cheongsam and laser technology A stylish cotton commoner, is gradually become relaxed, casual attitude toward life. An advanced fabric laser technology, is gradually working towards the apparel market, a new force. Han’s Yueming laser tries its best to make every girl owns the charming by… Continue reading

Production requirements of die-casting release agent

Aluminum die-casting mold release agent is an auxiliary agent that must be used in the production process. Because the volume of the product is different, the structure is different, the post-processing requirements of the product are different, and the requirements for the release agent are also different. Here is an… Continue reading

A cooler summer away from “air conditioning disease”? I really recommend this laser printed blanket!

A cooler summer away from “air conditioning disease”? I really recommend this laser printed blanket! On a hot summer day, the heat waves are rolling, Air conditioning has become the standard in home and office environments. When we are enjoying the cool feeling of the air conditioner, Staying in the… Continue reading

China’s 3D printing technology has obtained CE certification and will be used in the aerospace sector in the future

my country’s 3D Printing technology has obtained CE certification. CE is a major management department of 3D Printing technology, and they have the most say in the breakthrough of this technology, and their recognition is very fulfilling for my country’s technological breakthroughs. 3D printing is now mainly used in my… Continue reading

What are the advantages of silicone dust mask

At present, many domestic enterprises use silicone masks. Compared with rubber: 1. Silicone is non-toxic and tasteless. Some rubbers are poisonous and tasty. 2. Silicone is soft and comfortable. Rubber is not as comfortable as silicone. Silicone is easy to combine with face and has strong sealing property. 3. The chemical stability… Continue reading

Weak downstream demand in manufacturing, non-manufacturing rebounded for 3 consecutive months

The short-term inventory cycle recovery of the current real economy, especially the manufacturing industry, is not yet stable. On the whole, non-manufacturing industries still have relatively abundant vitality in the process of economic structural transformation. After a continuous sharp rebound in March and April, the Minsheng New Supply SME manufacturing… Continue reading

Pipe tube fiber laser cutting machine used in fitness equipment manufacturing industry

With the advent of the fitness boom, the demand for fitness equipment has increased significantly. More and more families need fitness equipment. Gyms and sports venues are also blooming. Every night or weekends, customers are always full.In fitness equipment products, the application of tubing is common, and many joints are… Continue reading

Why fiber laser cutting machine can replace CO2 laser cutting machine

Nowadays, laser equipment is changing with each passing day, and the pace of replacing old equipment with new equipment to become the new mainstream of the manufacturing industry is accelerating, such as fiber laser cutting machines instead of CO2 laser cutting machines. Why fiber laser Cutting Machine can replace CO2… Continue reading