Kickstart: Politics, plastic pipes and infrastructure

One of the key U.S. Senate Republicans working on a bipartisan infrastructure package paid a recent visit to pipe extruder Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. to talk about both infrastructure and recycling.Rob Portman of Ohio visited ADS’ plant in Pandora, Ohio, on Aug. 19 to talk about how the maker of pipes… Continue reading

Sheet metal processing & Process flow.

With the development of today’s society, the sheet metal industry has also developed rapidly. Now sheet metal involves all walks of life. For any sheet metal part, it has a certain processing process, which is the so-called process flow. To understand the sheet metal processing process, you must first know… Continue reading

What Is Baby Boy Bibs

Starting solid? Or are you tired of food stains on your laundry? With our baby boy bibs, meal time is easier! Our sbaby boy bibs are made from 100% food grade silicone, very soft but durable. Our beautiful baby boy bibs come in a variety of colors to complement our… Continue reading

What are the applications of precision laser cutting

With the increase in demand for high-precision machining, related precision machining technology has also developed rapidly, and precision fiber laser Cutting Machine metal have also gained more and more recognition in the market.The cutting objects of the precision fiber laser Cutting Machine metal processing technology are mainly thin plates. The processing accuracy… Continue reading

Common Hot-Runner Wiring Problems

Within the difficult atmosphere from the final  years, producers are searching inward to enhance their manufacturing processes, streamline their provide chains, decrease upkeep expenses, and enhance their bottom lines. Injection molders are frustrated using the expenses related with failing energy and thermocouple cable assemblies in hot-runner systems. These expenses consist… Continue reading

The important role silicone bottle nipple play for the infants!

With the standard of living enhancing, people take diet healthy seriously more and more, the new born baby is protected more seriously by parents. The infants must be touch with feeding-bottle when they born, so, how to select feeding-bottle is a important thing.   High quality of feeding bottle can… Continue reading

Brief description of fiber laser cutting machine for pipe and tube cutting metal pipe

The main content of this article is to introduce the main technology of fiber laser Cutting Machine for pipe and tube for cutting pipes, in the hope that readers have more understanding of fiber pipe laser cutting machine.  Full-stroke automatic laser cutting and blanking of large-length metal pipesFor the process requirements of… Continue reading

What does medical grade silicone mean?

Medical silicone is a widely used biological material in cosmetic surgery. Medical silicone has a variety of forms, such as liquid silicone oil, silicone, foam-like silicone sponge, and elastic solid silicone rubber, etc. A medical silicone application form is solid silicone rubber. Silicone rubber has good biocompatibility, no irritation, no… Continue reading

Nicaragua’s CNC Cutting Machine, the Mature Machining Tool

Nicaragua’s Cnc Cutting Machine, the Mature Machining Tool Among numerous advanced technical laser equipment, such as laser metal cutting machine, laser marking machine and laser steel sheet cutting machine, the Cnc Cutting Machine of Nicaragua, the country which owns the developed processing industry, is particularly mature and earns good reputation…. Continue reading