What are the troubleshooting methods for the leakage of the return cylinder of the four-column hydraulic press?

What are the troubleshooting methods for the return cylinder of the four-column Hydraulic Press? 1, soap bubble detection method The four-column hydraulic press can be used when the leakage is large or in operation. The four-column hydraulic press manufacturer will use a brush to detect the soapy water in the… Continue reading

The China CNC Router–BCM1530E ordered by the US company Upload to:03-19 2019

The China CNC Router–BCM1530E ordered by the US company The China CNC Router–BCM1530E ordered by the US customer , it  has been finished and ready to shipping  to USA  ,  The BCM1325E was developed by China as the ultimate high production CNC for today’s kitchen or closet manufacturer. The China1325E is available in both 5’ x 10’ and… Continue reading

High Quality Preform Mould

SinoMould has made preform moulds for more than 25 years, and through the rich experience from long-time preform mould manufacturing, SinoMould has established a complete set system of perfect preform mould structure and quality to ensure the long mould life and precision preform sizes.   How SinoMould makes high quality… Continue reading

CNC lathe operation requirements

1. Operation requirements of CNC lathes: 1. Be able to understand the drawings and know the processing technology of each product. Check the drawings before each processing and pay attention to whether the product drawings are improved and the processing technology can be improved. 2. Be able to skillfully use… Continue reading

Mec-Spe 2008: An Always Evolving ‘City’

The Parma Fairgrounds will host Mec-Spe 2008, the international trade fair for specialized mechanics, April 3–5. The assembly of variously themed but related shows that Senaf S.r.l. has put together—Mec-Spe, Eurostampi, Subfornitura, Control Italy, Motek Italy, and PlastixExpo—again concentrates in a single space the different elements of the mechanics industry,… Continue reading

high quality plastic stool molds

  Sino Mould is a very professional high quality plastic stool molds. It is one of the most popular Chinese stool mould manufacturer and one of the biggest plastic stool moulds company China. We can offer clients with diamond plastic stool moulds service. In our company for the high quality… Continue reading

Case Study:Learning the Key to Gaining Control over the Entire Production Process

Optimize your tool shop processes by bringing design in-house. Advance mold has been making plastic injection molds for more than 30 years. Today, the company has 37 employees occupying a 53,000-square foot facility in Livonia, MI. Advance’s customers include some of the largest automotive OEMs as well as their Tier… Continue reading

Automated plastics injection moulding shown

Wittmann at the UK’s PDM 08 show will exhibit a Battenfeld 1600kN plastics injection moulder machine equipped with the latest B6 control system and a Wittmann Robot W711. Following the Wittmann Group purchase of injection moulding machinery supplier, Battenfeld, in March 2008, both companies are at this week’s Plastics Design… Continue reading

How to avoid oxidation of aluminum alloy products during the processing of aluminum alloy parts

When aluminum alloy products are processed, they sometimes encounter the phenomenon of oxidative blackening. If it is a special headache when it encounters oxidation and blackening during processing of large aluminum alloys, why is there such a phenomenon of oxidative blackening? The air is in contact with the aluminum surface… Continue reading

Anti-interference protective measures for four-column hydraulic press

The four-column Hydraulic Press will definitely receive external interference during use, and external interference may cause substantial differences in the finished products. Therefore, we need to avoid these external interferences when using the hydraulic press! 1. Physical isolation method, increase the distance between the disturbed circuit or device of the… Continue reading