Why is the price of the machine tool unknown now?

It is possible that large-scale ships and electronic parts manufacturers will clearly identify the price tag, so that users can better understand the price. In fact, most of the special rules are bred from special soil, and the phenomenon that machine tool operation does not penetrate the social quotation is caused… Continue reading

How to extend the operating life of a four-column hydraulic press

Nowadays, four-column hydraulic presses are used in many machinery industries. The machinery and equipment in the machinery industry are operating all year round, and the prices are relatively high. Therefore, the cost of regular replacement of equipment every year is too high, so many operators hope Can increase the life… Continue reading

Cosmetics packaging molder Risdon seeks plant in China

Cosmetics packaging molder Risdon seeks plant in China By Angie DeRosa PLASTICS NEWS STAFF   SHANGHAI (February 13, 2007) — Risdon International Inc., a molder of products for the cosmetics market, has international expansion plans under its new Shanghai-based private equity owner. Crown Holdings Inc. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, announced February… Continue reading

2013-06-09 09:42 My company develop high-end advertising engraving machine

2013-06-09 09:42My company develop high-end advertising engraving machine Modern society is a hi-tech era, has been the rapid development of science and technology, in which a large part is mainly used in the manufacture of machinery and equipment, and with relevant advertising engraving machine engraving fastest growing industry. Jinan River… Continue reading

Platic Home Appliance Mould

Sino Mould produces various kinds of home appliance moulds, such as: air conditioner moulds, refrigerator moulds, washing machine moulds, etc. We have a long-term partner of Siemens, Hitachi, Unionaire, Unitech and other household appliances brands.   We have a strong home appliance mould design and R&D team that can help you develop… Continue reading

Safety protection device for hydraulic system of four-column hydraulic press

Safety protection device for hydraulic system of four-column Hydraulic Press (1) After the main cylinder of the four-column hydraulic press moves up to the top position, it has a supporting function. It is beneficial to safely take out the pressed workpiece, reduces the working intensity and improves the working efficiency…. Continue reading

Plastic chair mould introduction

Plastic chair is one of the most frequently used products in daily life,which can be divided into:beach chairs,bus chairs,dinning chairs,gym chairs.And the chair’s demand of wear-resistance and strength is high. SINO MOULD has Sophisticated equipment and designing experience on making mould.So,we could provide our points to optimize the product design.For example, in… Continue reading

How to protect the knives of the aluminum cnc router machine Upload to:09-16 2021

  Compared with manual engraving, aluminum plate cnc router machine is more efficient than manual engraving. In addition to high efficiency, the precision is also very high. The cutting tools of aluminum plate cnc router machine are particularly important. If the cutting tool is not good, the aluminum products that are… Continue reading

Is the CNC machining center good or the engraving and milling machine?

First, is the cnc machining center good or the engraving and milling machine?CNC machining centers and engraving and milling machines are common mechanical equipments. There are similarities and differences between the two. If it is hard to say that the CNC machining center is good or the engraving and milling… Continue reading

What are the uses of hydraulic press

Nowadays, hydraulic presses are basically used in many places. At present, these hydraulic presses are widely used. However, when the hydraulic presses are actually used, they all use electricity for effective connection. All different equipment applications can be used well. What are the uses of hydraulic presses? When the Hydraulic… Continue reading