Qualified injection mold maker in China

Sino Mould is the qualified injection mold maker in China, supplying qualified plastic injection moulds in China. Sino Mould is a high qualified injection moulds manufacture in China, we can supply: 1.High qualified injection moulds for home appliance  like high gloss TV moulds, washing machine moulds, air conditioner parts mould,… Continue reading

Disposable syringe mould manufacturer

Sino Mould are experienced in making Disposable syringe mould in 8,16,24,32,48cavities. With Reasonable hot runner system design, material saving. Good cooling system design, short cycle time within shortest cycle time. Smoothly ejection. Dust-free injection workshop for moulding. High transparent polish. If you’re interested in this mould pls kindly contact with… Continue reading

Aerospace-Grade Radiation Hardened Product Family Offers Designers New Solutions for Emerging Low-Earth Orbit Commercial Applications

“One of the more exciting things about the emerging new space sector is the launch of a large number of low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites that are small and economically viable, while also being radiation-hardened and reliable, enhancing communications around the world and connect. Unlike in the previous satellite realm, where… Continue reading

Has your accuracy of machine parts processing been improved ?

Is the precision of machining of mechanical parts improved? The changes, effects and effects of the industry are obvious. Following the development of our industry, some of our metal parts are getting better and better. Some cutting work is also coming. The more precise, the degree of precision is reached,… Continue reading

CNC cutting is an interdisciplinary comprehensive application industry

In the eyes of many people, the clothing industry is a low-tech labor-intensive industry, but in fact it is not the case. This industry has an inseparable relationship with technological development. From the production of apparel fabrics to apparel design, production, logistics, and terminal sales, the support of science and… Continue reading

The development of automatic progressive die stamping

After decades of development, China’s automatic progressive die stamping technology has formed an integral system from research and development to production. We take in and absorb advanced stamping technology overseas, resulting the rapid development of China’s automatic progressive die stamping technology.  With the continuous improvement of numerical control technology and… Continue reading

The working principle of the hydraulic cylinder of the four-column hydraulic press

Fulfillment arrangements in the hydraulic system. Generally, it is composed of a cylinder, a cylinder rod (piston rod) and a seal. The inside of the cylinder is divided into two parts by the piston, and an oil hole is separated. Because the compression ratio of the liquid is very small, when… Continue reading

CNC Wire Forming Service

CNC Wire Forming CNC Wire Forming Service Description  Assessed supplier by SGS, NQA, ISO9001 1.Many years experience in wire forming and with advanced equipment 2.Responsible for all quality problems and offer solution for new projects. 3.Customized service for all kinds of conditions. 4.Competitive prices to save cost for customer CNC Wire… Continue reading

What to pay attention to when installing and using the tool setting instrument

  When processing products with our own numerical control equipment, in order to ensure the production accuracy of the processed workpiece, it is necessary to correct the position and origin of the tool. This is a very waste of time, energy and testing of operating skills.   There is no numerical control… Continue reading

Analysis on the Development of CNC Machine Tool Technology

Analysis of the development of cnc machine tool technology. The machine tool is not only an important equipment for implementing advanced manufacturing technology, but also an important carrier of manufacturing information integration. Therefore, the development of machine tools reflects the main trend of processing technology to a certain extent. The… Continue reading