Tyco Tianrun: Silicon carbide is rapidly cutting into various fields, and new energy may become the biggest growth driver

Under the wave of electrification, various new materials including silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) and new power devices are breaking through the limitations of traditional materials and promoting the development of Electronic power technology. The vigorous development of the new energy vehicle industry also brings opportunities for semiconductor… Continue reading

Everything is future-oriented!Infineon will make a heavy appearance at Shenzhen International Electronics Fair and Embedded System Exhibition

September 8, 2021, Shanghai, China – On September 27, the three-day Shenzhen International Electronics Fair and Embedded System Exhibition (ELEXCON 2021) will be grandly opened. Infineon, the world’s leading semiconductor technology company, will also make a major appearance at the industry event, fully demonstrating how its innovative semiconductor technology connects… Continue reading

The domestic production rate of parts continues to increase, can Tesla still cut prices?

In 2020, Tesla will surpass the combined sales of the three new self-made car companies, NIO, Xpeng and Ideal, with only one Model 3 domestic car. At the beginning of the new year, Tesla continued to encroach on the electric vehicle market by slashing the price of its second domestic… Continue reading

Application of EVOC Industrial Flat Panel in MES System of Injection Molding Machine

1. System overview Are you still using costly and inefficient injection molding site management methods? Now let me introduce to you an MES system scheme of injection molding machine based on industrial flat panel. The injection molding industry is currently facing many factors, such as raw material costs, rising labor… Continue reading

Millimeter wave technology application, millimeter wave sensor builds an integrated single chip

“Millimeter wave technology is extremely hot, and millimeter waves have been adopted in many products. For millimeter waves, the editor has already done a lot of explanations. In this article, we will introduce millimeter wave sensors to form an integrated single chip. “ Millimeter wave technology is extremely hot, and… Continue reading

Blockchain technology still needs 5-10 years to have a transformative impact

The latest 2019 Hype Cycle for Blockchain Technologies released by Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and consulting firm, shows that the blockchain has burst into a trough. The market will emerge from this phase in 2021 as technology advances and the unique practical applications of blockchain continue to… Continue reading

Synopsys: Many organizations still submit compromised code

Synopsys (Nasdaq: SNPS) recently released the “Security for Modern Application Development” report, finding that while many organizations still submit exploited code, most organizations consider their application security programs to be solid . Having a good application security program does not mean that an organization will stop trading compromised code. The… Continue reading

Apple’s 2020 Supply Chain List Announced: New Gigabyte Innovation, etc.

IT House May 31 News According to Core Intelligence, on the 27th of this month, Apple announced the list of the top 200 suppliers in 2020. Compared with the list in 2019, in terms of regional division, the newly included Apple supply chain The largest number of manufacturers in mainland… Continue reading

Why can a fingernail-sized mobile phone processor integrate tens of billions of transistors

The chip size of a mobile phone processor is about the size of a thumb nail, but a small chip can hold tens of billions of transistors. The mobile phone processor A14 in the iPhone 12 is equipped with a 5-nanometer process and integrates 11.8 billion transistors. Can such a… Continue reading

Mentor Graphics: Reference Design for Advanced In-Vehicle Systems

It’s more difficult for automakers today to innovate, lower the cost of parts, and get to market quickly. Drivers and passengers alike expect the capabilities of smartphones and tablets to be part of in-car Electronic systems. In recent years, some functions that were originally introduced as high-end and top models… Continue reading