ASML releases 2020 financial report: net profit reaches 3.6 billion euros

On January 20, ASML, the leading lithography machine, announced its 2020 annual financial report. In 2020, ASML sold a total of 258 lithography systems, including 236 new and 22 used systems. The total revenue reached 14 billion euros, the gross profit margin was 48.6%, and the net profit amounted to… Continue reading

With the acceleration of urban digitalization, how does AI overcome the problem of long-tail scenarios?

In most sci-fi films, the forms of future cities have several commonalities: people can interact with all public facilities, visualization of public transportation data, real-time data transmission over long distances between people and people, and highly intelligent community and building control. The ultimate goal of smart cities is also the… Continue reading

You read that right: “running” machine learning on MCU is also very powerful!

“Machine Learning (ML) is an excellent tool for solving problems involving pattern recognition, where ML algorithms can turn messy raw data into usable signals. The basic process is to generate a model based on data, and then use the model to predict the output, so as to achieve the purpose… Continue reading

FPGA-Based Cadence Protium S1 Prototyping Platform

“IoT spans multiple application domains, and the requirements of design teams can vary widely depending on the end application domain. Power, performance and cost are priorities in chip design, while application areas such as automotive and aerospace/defense also need to consider functional safety. In other areas, information security is a… Continue reading

Efficiently Controlling Power Switching of GaN Power Amplifiers Using Power Management Modules

[Introduction]It is well known that powering up and powering down GaN PAs can be challenging in some designs because of the specific bias timing required for GaN PAs. Improper handling may result in component damage. Managing timing steps is critical. The good news is that the difficulty of this task… Continue reading

Design and Implementation of Digital Video Conversion Interface Based on FPGA

introduction From the perspective of practical application, this paper uses FPGA as the main control chip to design a digital video interface conversion device. Conversion, resolution conversion and other operations have completed the conversion from ITU-R BT.656 format data to DVI format data, so that the BT656 data format image… Continue reading

EdgeLock 2GO platform balances IoT security and flexibility

“The need to create efficient IoT security has never been greater. We know from news reports that data breaches, malware, viruses, and other online misconduct are already frequent. “ The need to create efficient IoT security has never been greater. We know from news reports that data breaches, malware, viruses,… Continue reading

IoT chip company Fengjia Microelectronics completes tens of millions of financing

Recently, Fengjia Microelectronics completed tens of millions of yuan in financing. This round of financing was jointly invested by Huarui Investment and Junqing Investment. Previously, Fengjia Microelectronics has received capital injections from well-known investment institutions such as Wuyuefeng Capital, SMIC Juyuan and Zhengxingu Innovation Capital. It is reported that this… Continue reading

Teledyne e2v cutting-edge multi-core processors to meet new aerospace challenges

Grenoble, France – Media OutReach – April 12, 2021 – Teledyne e2v exclusively offers the tin-lead treated and fully certified QorIQ® T4240 processor to meet the needs of customers in the avionics and aerospace sectors. The multi-core T4240 unit can handle computationally intensive application scenarios. These devices consist of up… Continue reading

Nvidia releases new professional-grade GPU with over 54 billion transistors

After several twists and turns, Nvidia’s GTC 2020 online conference has finally come. But what is surprising is that the conference was not live broadcast, but composed of 7 recorded and edited videos. Of course, the product is the point. This year’s GTC 2020 Huang Renxun first brought a new… Continue reading