New research on high-performance lithium-sulfur batteries: carbon nanospheres can improve charge-discharge cycle stability

Currently widely used lithium-ion batteries can achieve an energy density of 265 Wh/kg and a capacity of 185 mAh/g, while lithium-sulfur batteries theoretically have an energy density of 2,600 Wh/kg and a capacity of 1,675 mAh/g . In other words, the performance of lithium-sulfur batteries is 10 times better than… Continue reading

Intel reports third-quarter earnings with revenue of $18.3 billion, down 4% year over year

On October 22, Intel released its third-quarter financial report, with revenue of US$18.3 billion, down 4% year-on-year and 7% month-on-month; net profit of US$4.3 billion, down 29% year-on-year and 15.7% month-on-month. Notably, Intel’s data center business turned abruptly from high growth to decline this quarter. Intel CFO George Davis said… Continue reading

Launched ultra-small high-performance devices and expanded TNPW e3 series of high-stability thin-film flat chip resistors

MALVERN, Pa. — August 31, 2020 — Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) announced today that it has expanded its TNPW e3 series of automotive-grade high-stability thin-film flat chip resistors with new devices in the small 0201 form factor. device. With a temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) as low as 25… Continue reading

SiC or IGBT, how to choose new energy vehicles?

“Silicon carbide is driving further development of electric vehicles, enabling them to have lower costs, longer ranges, more spacious designs, and higher power densities. Compared with standard internal combustion engines, electric vehicles do not require a fuel tank and engine, so more differentiated designs can be developed to make more… Continue reading

How to quickly design an infrared body temperature detector? TI is here to help!

“Body temperature detection is a necessary monitoring for us at home, in and out of the community or workplace, and when we travel. Infrared temperature detectors help reduce contact infection through non-contact temperature measurement. Here we come to talk to you about this system and the main design scheme. “… Continue reading

What’s behind Sweden’s temporary lifting of its ban on Huawei and ZTE

According to Reuters news, on November 9, Sweden’s telecom regulator PTS (Swedish Post and Telecommunications Authority) suspended a 5G spectrum auction on the same day, after a court partially suspended a PTS decision that put Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. With ZTE excluded from the construction of Sweden’s 5G network. The… Continue reading

5G ATG blessing, working on the plane is not a dream, Beidou “covers the bottom” of open space cloud network security

There are two main ways to access the Internet in the air, one is satellite communication, and the other is ATG ground-air broadband communication. The two complement each other to form the future of smart aviation. Facing the last “virgin land”, all parties in the industry chain have taken active… Continue reading

Record breaking! How did the domestic database come to the fore?

Until the beginning of the 21st century, the development of my country’s database industry was relatively slow, basically in the state of the Western database exposition, and there were few domestic database products that were available. In 1989, Oracle decided to enter China, just in time to catch up with… Continue reading

Nexperia Launches New Trench Schottky Rectifiers Aiming to Improve Efficiency for Fast Switching Applications

May 10, 2021: Nexperia, a specialist in basic semiconductor devices, announces the expansion of its Trench Schottky rectifier portfolio with new devices rated up to 100 V and 20 A, respectively, offering outstanding switching performance and leading thermal performance. The new devices are housed in Nexperia’s Clip-on FlatPower (CFP) package… Continue reading

PowerintLNK6774V17WLCD Monitor Power Solution

/a>led” title=”led”>led” title=”led”>led circuit diagram, the entire bill of materials required to build the supply, extensive documentation of the power transformer, along with test data and waveform plots of the most important electrical waveforms. This report describes a universal input, 5 V, 1000 mA and 18 V, 670 mA isolated… Continue reading