ADIADP5065 Compatible with USB Power Fast Battery Charge Management Solution

ADI’s ADP5065 is a built-in FET device that interconnects the DC voltage charging output end and the battery end. The battery can be isolated through the FET. When the system driving power comes from a dead battery or no battery, the system will immediately switch to USB power supply mode…. Continue reading

Geely Auto Group and ROHM Semiconductor Group have concluded a strategic partnership with silicon carbide as the core

Geely Automobile Group (hereinafter referred to as “Geely”), a leading Chinese automobile manufacturer, and ROHM semiconductor Group (hereinafter referred to as “Rohm”), a world-renowned semiconductor manufacturer, have entered into a strategic partnership. The two parties will jointly work on advanced technologies in the automotive field. development. Recently, the two parties… Continue reading

Bigger, stronger, higher, vacuum heat treatment solutions for Industry 4.0

“Under the general trend of my country’s manufacturing industry upgrading and dual circulation, green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing have put forward higher requirements for heat treatment technology and equipment. As an advanced process in the field of heat treatment production technology, vacuum heat treatment has the advantages of… Continue reading

This RISC-V processor, which is highly expected by Europe, has taken an important step

The European Processor Initiative (EPI) has successfully conducted the first test of its RISC-V-based European Processor Accelerator (EPAC), touting it as the first step toward homegrown supercomputing hardware. Launched in 2018, the EPI aims to reduce the European supercomputing industry’s reliance on foreign technology companies. At its core is the… Continue reading

Tiny dual-battery solar panel charges batteries in compact and off-grid devices

introduction Today, developments in low-power electronics allow battery-powered sensors and other devices to be placed away from the grid. Ideally, to truly be free from the grid, exempt The need to replace the battery and instead recharge the battery with a renewable energy source such as solar energy provided by… Continue reading

The rise of the DPU track, how does the domestic smart network card industry lead the new situation

In recent years, the rise of artificial intelligence, cloud services, big data and other technologies has put forward unprecedented requirements for the network, and the extensive business layer requirements have led to the rapid growth of data centers. As the infrastructure for large-scale computing, massive data storage and provision of… Continue reading

TUV Rheinland Exhibits at CITE 2022 with Electronic and Electrical Equipment Repairability Index Service

[Introduction]From August 16th to 18th, TÜV Rheinland Greater China (hereinafter referred to as “TUV Rheinland”), an international independent third-party testing, inspection and certification agency, participated in the 10th China Electronic Information Expo, and exhibited a series of Services related to 5G applications, artificial intelligence, health technology, Internet of Things and… Continue reading

Improperly tested LEDs can cause electrical stress damage: do you know why?

“Most LEDs can emit light with forward bias, and generally do not operate with reverse bias. LEDs consist of a PN junction that can be destroyed by excessive current flow if a high voltage surge passes through the device in the opposite direction. “ Q: Types and causes of electrical… Continue reading

ADI ADSP-BF518 Blackfin Processor Development Solution

ADI’s ADSP-BF518F EZ-Board evaluation system is used to evaluate the functions of the ADSP-BF518F Blackfin processor. The I/O voltage of the processor is 3.3V, and the core voltage is controlled by DP1715 and AD5258, while the Blackfin processor ADSPBF518F, Adopt ADI/Intel Micro Signal Architecture (MSA), integrate dual MAC signal processing… Continue reading