Auto parts sales market norms

The supply of auto parts is one of the basic elements of automobile transportation production. Its price changes and quality are directly affecting the investment, cost, transportation safety, energy consumption, service quality, environmental protection and other aspects of the automobile maintenance industry and automobile transportation industry. Important factor. There is only one scope, object, and purpose of auto parts sales, that is, it enters the field of auto repair and is used for the repair and replacement of auto parts. Therefore, strengthening the management of auto parts sales is the main content of the macro-control of the auto transportation market, an important measure to strengthen the source management of the auto repair market and improve the quality of auto repair, and to adapt to the requirements of “condition-based management” to form a benign repair and parts sales. An important guarantee for circulation. Therefore, the auto parts sales market must be managed by the road transport industry sector.

Strengthen the macro-control of the auto parts sales market. The purpose of regulation is to start from reality, focus on the integrity and unification of the market, and establish and improve the city’s auto parts sales market norms. Establish business standards, determine business qualifications, distribution structure, accessory quality, price execution, bill use, and market order, so as to standardize, order, and institutionalize the market. Push the company to the market, effectively use auto parts resources, and make the market develop in a coordinated manner. Focus on solving the problems of excessive market players, scattered funds, small scale, low starting point, and repeated construction, and develop a high-quality, efficient and modern auto parts sales market in accordance with the characteristics and requirements of the market network. Strengthen the supervision of market operation. Elimination of abnormal market competition depends on the establishment of a sound market supervision system. The supervision system should be composed of four levels. One is the supervision of the management department, which is mainly authorized by the transportation management, industry and commerce, taxation, price, quality supervision and other departments in accordance with the law. Exercising inspection and supervision of market transaction activities within the scope prescribed by law. The second is self-discipline supervision and mutual restraint by operators. The third is social intermediary organizations, such as industry associations, accounting firms, audit firms, etc., to evaluate and supervise market activities. The fourth is mass supervision, such as the implementation of the supervision system of conduct and the reporting system of unfair competition. For automotive parts and parts machining, PTJ Shop offers the highest degree of OEM service with a basis of 10+ years experience serving the automotive industry. Our automotive precision shop and experts deliver confidence. We have perfected the art of producing large component volumes with complete JIT reliability, backed by the quality and long-term reliability our customers expect.

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