Aviation cup mould supplier


If you are looking for a good aviation cup mould, welcome to come to Sino Mould .Co.,Ltd.
Sino Mould is a famous plastic mould manufacturing company, one of specialist of high precision plastic mould manufacturing, high production plastic mould making. We are not only offer clients plastic mould, but also a service for injection molding problems. In aviation cup mould area, we have 10 years experience in making such mould and ever cooperate with Europe and America company
The aviation cup mould we make is a little different from others, Our aviation cup is a PS thin wall injection molding cup. Sino is also the first manufacturer to produce cup 0.5mm wall thickness. We use hot runner technology to make the products appearance, decrease the waste, shorten the injection time. And we also can match a robot to help the products stripper from mould. And it is more convenient for products to stripper automotive. We also have robot for you to choose, which can make your production line more efficiency.
So If you want to make an a long life, high production and less waste and efficiency aviation cup mould. Please feel free to contact me .And also you can come to visit our company.

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