Baking Mat With Measuring: The Product Our Factory Mainly Produce In Recently

silicone baking mat with measurements is the product that our factory are mainly producing in recently. It is in purple pink color.Multi use silicone baking pastry mat
It is designed to make cooking fun and more easy.This silicone mat is multi use. It can not only be use as oven baking mat but also pastry mat, countertop protectors etc.Two sides of this baking mat is different. The up side is smooth and  with measuring line.Silicone mat with measurements
The measurence line make it easy for you to make dough in different size. And the smooth side is stick resistant, so make it possible that to get your baked dough off this baking mat easily.The other side of this silicone mat is with sticky. It will stick tighly to the desk surface when you handle dough on it.All in all,  it is an ideal pastry mat for doing all your kneading, rolling, and cutting and a great oven baking mat.Our customer request to pack it by opp bags.
What's more, it is in big size. Its product dimensions is 45*64.5 cm. You can handle your dough on it freely and without causing mess. Silicone mat is easy to clean. It makes cleaning job after your baking easier.Our factory can produce 2000 pcs silicone mat per day.We have finished the production process. And after package, it will be send to our customer.

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