Battery Box Mold

As an important barrier to protect the battery, the battery case is widely used in different filed. Generally, the battery case is made of PP, ABS, FR-ABS with good insulation and high pressure resistance as raw materials.


According to customer requirements, we will analyze the product's technical points such as reasonable injection gate, shrinkage, deformation, cooling, etc. Select reasonable steel materials  and with suitable product structure to ensure the quality of the product and the life of the mold.


Here we take the 55AH plastic battery box mold in the UPS series as an example:


Product size: 215 * 172 * 204mm

Number of cavities: 1 cavity

Mold size: 750 * 600 * 710mm

Mould steel material: S136

Mold life: 1M

Injection system: 7tips hot runner system

Ejection system: stripper plate


Our mold has the following characteristics: reasonable mold structure design; optimized cooling system; using 7-point hot runner system to make the injection more balanced; using high-strength mold steel for the insert core to avoid bending or core displacement; each step ensures strict quality control.


We can also provide you with a complete set of plastic battery box mold solutions, including all equipments such as mold, machines and auxiliary machines. And we have been expanding our service area, you are welcome to join us-Plastic Machine Agent.

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