Best Chair mould supplier in China

Sino Mould is one of the Chinese leading professional plastic chair mould manufacturer in China. We offering arm chair mould,armless chair mould, non-leg chair mould, baby chair mould, sofa chair mould,gas assistance chair mould…..
According to our experience, once we received you samples we will analysis the strength of the chair then design the suitable mould structure and weight,regard the common chair SC45#,P20,DIN2311 most used as main steel material with chrome plating our delivery time is 55~70days, we extra made one or two back inserts match your requirement.We design the cooling system close to the product surface get the better cooling effect,meanwhile shorten the cycle time.
Regard chairs after tested we will check following important things:
1. Parting line
2. Surface finished& shrinkage mark control
3. Air venting
4. Stacking for 20 sets chairs
5. Weight control
6. Strength
We are well experienced in making all kinds of chair mould, if you’re interested in this pls kindly contact with me.

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