Big Size Oven Baking Tools Cake Handmade DIY Silicone Molds

silicone molds is not a new thing for most people. Actually, almost every baking lover owns or once own baking tools made from silicone material. Are silicone baking molds do great help? Are they useful?  I believe that every one who once use silicone material baking tools have their own judgment. If you pay attention to the increasing silicone products in supermarket, you had to admit that silicone products is popular among people. It is to say, the silicone cake molds today I recommend to you may be a good selling items in your store.
The one who want to buy high quality silicone molds or is ready to add a new products in your store should not miss this news. Some details wil be shown as below:RECOMMEND SIX SILICONE MOLDS  1.  Silicone Mould for Baking                   CLICK PICTURES, MORE DETAILS
SIZE: 23 * 23 * 5.7 cmThis silicone cake mols, as you can see, is a big flower shape. If you want to make a beatiful flower shape cake, it maybe a good choice.2. Silicone Bakeware Set
SIZE: 25 * 25 * 3 cm
This baking mold can be used to make cakes or cookie. Made from food grade silica gel, it is heat resisting and using it in oven or microwave oven is safe. 3. Silicone Baking PansA common round shape baking pan, made from silicone material, is odorless and non-stick. Its size can be customized and serval popular candy color is available. If you prefer a common shape cake rather a creactive cake, you can consider this round shape cake pan.4. Cake Molds Used in MicrowaveSIZE: 25 * 23 * 4.5 cm
This is a creactive cake mold. As you can see, it is a honeycomb with little bees. It will be a eye-catching cake in your party.5. Silicone Roasting TraySilicone rubber is generally non-reactive and resistant to extreme environment while still maintaining its useful properties. That's the reason why we say this silicone roasting tray have long service life and safe to use in oven. As you can see in the picture, this baking tray is soft and flexible, so it is easy to devide finish cake and the mold.6. Silicone Heart MoldSIZE: 20 * 15.5 * 3 cmA heart shape cake mold, you can use it to make a romantic cake for your appointment. BPA Free silicone cake mold, made from food great silica rubber, is safe and these six molds I recommend to you, are there some molds meeting with your need? We are a factory can provide OEM & ODM service. If you interest in our products or us, why not send an e-mail to us?
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