Bosch 1 billion euro chip factory completed, production to start next month

IT House June 8 news CCTV Finance and other reports, on June 7 local time, the world’s largest auto parts supplier, Germany’s Bosch Group, announced that a chip factory costing 1 billion euros was officially completed in Germany. Month to start chip production.

Located in a semiconductor industry center in the eastern German city of Dresden, the factory covers an area of ​​100,000 square meters, and the chips made in the factory will be used in the latest electric vehicles and self-driving cars.

Due to the full resumption of production by German car companies and the tight supply of chips, many automakers were forced to announce production cuts at the beginning of the year. The plant received 200 million euros in government aid under an EU investment plan.

IT House has learned that the Bosch Dresden plant, which broke ground in June 2018, will employ about 700 people and will focus on the manufacture of 300mm wafers, one of which can hold 31,000 individual chips. Bosch said its Dresden plant will supply products to customers around the world. The company expects that global semiconductor demand will grow by 11% this year, and the market size will exceed 400 billion euros.

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