Breathable brick base brick

Patent No.: 99249349.8 Patentee: Baoshan Iron and Steel (Group) Company Technical Abstract: This utility model discloses a base brick of a breathable brick, which belongs to a base brick of a combined breathable brick for argon blowing at the bottom of a ladle. The outer surface of the brick is cylindrical or frusto-conical, and it is an aluminum or magnesia compact molded brick with an air flow channel communicating with the upper and lower ends of the brick. The air flow channel can be round or slit. The diameter or width is 0.2~2.0mm. After the air-permeable working brick is blown off or completely melted off during the refining process, the anti-melt loss ability of the base brick of the air-permeable brick makes it fully able to complete the ongoing refining process, preventing steel leakage during the refining and air blowing process. It also serves as a safety sign in the maintenance after its refinement is completed. Contact Unit: Intellectual Assets Department of Baosteel Co., Ltd. Address: South Building, Baosteel Hotel, 1813 Mudan Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai Postal Code: 201900 Fax: 26647930

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