Brief Analysis of Working Failures of Numerical Control CNC Machining Center

Cnc Machining center is a kind of automatic machine tool product composed of a kind of mechanical equipment and numerical control system that can process complex parts. CNC machining center will encounter some problems in daily use. This is not only in our usual use of CNC machining center. At the same time, you need to pay attention to the maintenance and operation according to the regulations of the CNC machining center. Do not operate blindly. Below we mainly enumerate some of the failures of the CNC machining center in daily use and some simple ones for the failure of the CNC machining center. analysis.

CNC machining center encoder pulse counting error alarm problem

This kind of problem is usually displayed on the LED display screen 6, and the PMM screen in the system screen displays 303/304/305/308 alarms. The main cause of the failure is that the serial encoder of the servo motor does not calculate numbers or is caused by pulse loss during operation. This kind of phenomenon needs to be turned off and turned on, and the alarm will often disappear. If there is still an alarm, you should immediately replace the motor or feedback cable, but if the alarm disappears, you don’t need to be too happy. We need to return to the CNC machining center. After the reference point, run other commands for debugging. The weak PMM308 alarm may be caused by interference, just turn it off and turn it on again.

CNC machining center machining center serial encoder communication error alarm

For this kind of problem, we should first check the connection accuracy or disconnection of the encoder amplifier of the CNC motor of the CNC machining center and the feedback wire. If the shielding of the motor feedback wire has not been intact, please go to the factory for warranty as soon as possible. In CNC machining, the encoder of the motor is connected to the motor, so it is best not to disassemble it.

The current CNC machining centers are mostly divided into two categories: vertical CNC machining centers and horizontal CNC machining centers. Most of the products are similar in function and use failure. The above is for reference only, and I hope it will be helpful to friends in the industry.

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