Can precision CNC machining parts be processed from any materials ?

In the current industry, Internet, robotics, automation, intelligent sensing equipment, information technology, data processing and other cross-industry integration will be widely used in the manufacturing and machinery industries, a product from research and development, procurement, manufacturing, commissioning, sales, services to All aspects of the company's finance will become visible, timely and controllable due to the emergence of the industrial Internet. The development of mobile terminals will also make many decisions and authorizations more stereoscopic and spatial, and can be working hours at any time. Any location can be an office, which is already a very realistic possibility.
What are the benefits of precision CNC-machining ? Now, with precision machining, not all materials can be precision machined. Some materials are too hard to exceed the hardness of the machined parts, and the parts may collapse. Therefore, these materials are not suitable for precision machining unless It is a machine made of special materials, Changshu precision machining, or laser cutting.
For example, the processing of ceramics, plastics, etc. is a processing of non-metallic materials. For precision machining materials are divided into two categories, metal materials and non-metal materials. Therefore, all aspects of these precision machining are different, and attention should be paid to the operation during processing. After all, the equipment is tested after being used for a period of time. Or it is clean, so that you can maintain the working efficiency of the machine and the quality of the products produced.
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