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Sometimes, the advertising factory will receive some unconventional orders for a long time, and need to process some special size advertising boards. If the profit is suitable, then some corresponding size advertising cnc router machine are needed. Then the problem is coming, advertising engraving function Custom size?

   The answer is yes. Of course, advertising cnc router machine can be customized. In fact, not only advertising cnc router machine can be customized, but most of the equipment can be customized. Next, we will briefly talk about the question of whether the advertising cnc router machine can be customized in size.

  First of all, the processing size range of the advertising cnc router machine can be customized. This is something that every cnc router machine production factory can do. In other words, it is feasible to customize the size at will. However, since the cnc router machine is a kind of machinery and equipment, it is relatively large, if assembly line is used, and then the standard configuration is used, then its production cost will be reduced, and the factory price will be lower. The customized size, this will involve the machine shell mold, if it is customized separately, the cost will increase, and finally the cost of production will increase accordingly. For example, under normal circumstances, the price of a small-sized advertising cnc router machine will be cheaper than a large-sized machine, but due to the increase in the cost of customizing the casing, the cost of the final machine also increases.

   If the size of the plate you process is generally 1 meter * 1 meter, and the location of the shop or factory is large enough, then the standard size 1212 machine or even the 1325 model will often be recommended. This recommendation can meet the customer's requirements, and the price is similar. The most important thing is that often cnc router machine factories prefer to produce standard size machines, because the machines under this size have been produced for a long time, with rich experience, and the machines produced are relatively high-quality. Only in this way can we avoid more after-sales service and reduce troubles. For example, the standard height of the gantry of an cnc router machine is generally about 150mm. If you increase it to 200mm, or even 300mm, such an increase will greatly increase the difficulty of production technology. If the height of the gantry is too high, the spindle will vibrate greatly and the machining deviation will be greater.

  In our cnc router machine industry, the processing accuracy within 1 meter is generally very high, and even a machine with a very common configuration can process very high-precision finished products. If the machining range of 1m*1m is exceeded, accuracy deviations will occur. This is why it is often recommended to separate materials for processing when choosing a large-size machine. For example, a customer is processing artistic wooden walls, and the size of his processing material is one wall, with a very large format, almost 2.5 meters * 5 meters. And this customer wants to process it in one go. For processing such a large-format material, the accuracy will be relatively poor. Finally, the machine recommended to this customer is a standard size machine, let him perform separate processing, and finally combine it.

  To sum up, the advertising cnc router machine can be customized, but in many cases, the standard model is selected for customization, and the machine that comes out will be relatively easy to use.

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