How to use SH7216’s multi-function timer pulse unit 2 (MTU2)

“This application note introduces the use of SH7216’s multi-function timer pulse unit 2 (MTU2) to skip the ADC activation during complementary PWM. It introduces the specifications, function overview, and operation and setting procedures of the sample program. “ This application note introduces the use of SH7216’s multi-function timer pulse unit… Continue reading

To strengthen the advantages of 3D bioprinting, Cellink acquires Nanoscribe, a 3D micro-nano printer manufacturer

China and Africa News, June 2nd, Swedish bioprinting pioneer Cellink said that it will acquire Nanoscribe through cash and stock worth up to 50 million euros. Including cash, stocks, and performance. After the transaction is completed, CELLINK will fully control Nanoscribe while integrating 2PP technology into its own technology to… Continue reading

Arm virtual hardware may subvert the research and development of IoT products…

In the past five years, Arm has shipped more than 100 billion Arm-based chips by authorizing the chip instruction set architecture to other companies around the world. People’s inherent impression of Arm may still lie in its achievements in the field of hardware and IP, but its comprehensive IoT solutions… Continue reading

Energy Efficient 28 V, 3.3 A LED Driver for LED Street Lighting Applications

As LEDs continue to improve in virtually every aspect of performance and cost,LED lightingIt is being used in a wider and wider range of applications, among which LED street lights are a focus of attention in the industry. As the premier high-performance silicon solution provider for high-efficiency Electronic products, ON… Continue reading

Simplify Isolated Current and Voltage Sensing Designs with Single-Supply Isolated Amplifiers and ADCs

“We all need an “it” in areas such as protecting personnel, noise immunity, and dealing with ground potential differences between subsystems. You can design “it” in applications such as motor drives, solar inverters, DC charging (pile) stations, industrial robots, uninterruptible power supplies, traction inverters, on-board chargers and DC/DC converters …. Continue reading

The big guy explained the measurement and control system (5), the design scheme of the wind power measurement and control system (the second part)

The importance of the measurement and control system is self-evident. Among many systems, the measurement and control system is an indispensable component. In the last article, the editor has made a preliminary introduction to the design of wind power measurement and control system. In this paper, the remaining contents of… Continue reading

Application of millimeter wave radar in safety protection device

“Millimeter wave radar is a radar that works in millimeter wave (millimeter wave) detection. Usually millimeter wave refers to the frequency domain of 30 to 300 GHz (wavelength is 1 to 10 mm). The wavelength of millimeter wave is between microwave and centimeter wave, so millimeter wave radar has some… Continue reading

Anguang Institute’s spaceborne instruments help ensure the air quality of the 4th CIIE

From November 5th to 10th, the 4th China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai. In order to ensure the air quality during the Expo, the Satellite Environment Application Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment uses remote sensing data from multiple satellites to issue daily remote sensing monitoring… Continue reading

Application Scheme of Realizing Remote Data Acquisition System Using CAN Bus Communication Interface

“The remote data acquisition system is mainly composed of two parts: the receiving and processing part on the shore and the underwater measuring device. In order to prolong the service time of the battery, the on-off of the battery power of the underwater measuring body is controlled from the shore…. Continue reading

Heraeus WelcoTM LED131 won the Mini & Micro LED Material Product of the Year Gold Award

Shanghai, China, December 14, 2021 — Recently, at the 2021 Expert Aurora Award Ceremony held in Shenzhen, China, Heraeus Electronics’ WelcoTM LED131 won the Mini & Micro LED Material Product of the Year Gold Award. The award is organized by the Experts Say Industry Research Center to commend outstanding supply… Continue reading