Complete the switching power supply loop response (Bode diagram) test with an oscilloscope

“Oscilloscopes are the most basic measurement equipment for today’s engineers to test and characterize power supply designs. Keysight’s InfiniiVision X series is the only oscilloscope in the industry that can automatically measure loop response. Compared with Keysight’s network analyzer test results, the gain and phase test results are very close…. Continue reading

TDK Biomagnetic Sensor Enables World’s First Visualization of Cardiac Magnetic Field

“TDK is working on developing a wide variety of sensors as one of its “Attracting Tomorrow” technologies. High-sensitivity magnetic sensors that can measure weak biomagnetic fields are also one of them. It is expected to bring solutions to intractable diseases such as fetal heart disease in the abdomen that cannot… Continue reading

Security requirements bring embedded intelligent vision applications into a new era

“The global COVID-19 pandemic and the need for improved safety and efficiency are driving companies across industries to integrate intelligent embedded vision technologies into their systems to support people detection, touchless human-machine interaction, and enhanced AR/VR capabilities. Simultaneously use intelligent machine vision technology to improve manufacturing levels and yields. According… Continue reading

ASML releases 2020 financial report: net profit reaches 3.6 billion euros

On January 20, ASML, the leading lithography machine, announced its 2020 annual financial report. In 2020, ASML sold a total of 258 lithography systems, including 236 new and 22 used systems. The total revenue reached 14 billion euros, the gross profit margin was 48.6%, and the net profit amounted to… Continue reading

What features must a SAR ADC have to not be obsolete?

“As the resolution of the SAR ADC increases, the number of components in the CDAC unit increases linearly, but the matching requirements of these components cause the square-law area to increase. To limit the total number of components, bridging or scaling components are often used to split the DAC into… Continue reading

With the acceleration of urban digitalization, how does AI overcome the problem of long-tail scenarios?

In most sci-fi films, the forms of future cities have several commonalities: people can interact with all public facilities, visualization of public transportation data, real-time data transmission over long distances between people and people, and highly intelligent community and building control. The ultimate goal of smart cities is also the… Continue reading

Lithium battery ushered in a breakthrough: no explosion, 500 times of charging is still efficient

For a long time, many scientists have been actively transforming lithium batteries, because it has restricted the development of some mobile terminals. According to foreign media reports, a “dream material” proposed by researchers at Washington State University (WSU) can replace the current negative electrode material, thus greatly promoting the development… Continue reading

More arrogant than Maotai!Ningbo Huaxiang intends to distribute 2 billion in dividends, with more than 2 years of profits

On the evening of October 19, Ningbo Huaxiang Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ningbo Huaxiang”), a domestic automotive electronics company, staged a “treasure” operation and distributed a cash dividend of 2.004 billion yuan (tax included). The huge dividend value exceeds the total net profit of the company in… Continue reading

What is needed for the leap-forward progress of the domestic semiconductor material industry?

Today, in the past development, the semiconductor industry chain has become a complex system that needs support from multiple fields. Roughly speaking, materials, equipment, EDA and other fields are in the upstream of the semiconductor industry chain, and they are also an indispensable driving force for the continued development of… Continue reading