Analysis and research on the failure of audio output noise of speech module

“In actual use, the feedback microphone or speaker has different degrees of rustling, which is caused by noise in the audio output signal analyzed by the voice module circuit. After circuit analysis, system software analysis and simulation verification analysis of the voice module, it is confirmed that the voice module… Continue reading

Single-cell lithium battery power supply circuit design, including boost, charge management and other circuit design

“First of all, the author learned from the data that the voltage range of a lithium battery with a nominal name of 3.7V is generally 2.8V~4.2V. If you want to get a stable voltage of 5V, 3.8V and 3.3V, obviously you can’t get it directly. Need to use a specific… Continue reading

The domestic production rate of parts continues to increase, can Tesla still cut prices?

In 2020, Tesla will surpass the combined sales of the three new self-made car companies, NIO, Xpeng and Ideal, with only one Model 3 domestic car. At the beginning of the new year, Tesla continued to encroach on the electric vehicle market by slashing the price of its second domestic… Continue reading

This ADC breaks the design difficulties of precision data acquisition signal chain

【Introduction】Many applications require a precision data acquisition signal chain to digitize analog data for accurate data acquisition and processing. Precision system designers are under increasing pressure to find innovative ways to increase performance and reduce power consumption while accommodating higher circuit densities on small PCB circuit boards. The purpose of… Continue reading

Bigger, stronger, higher, vacuum heat treatment solutions for Industry 4.0

“Under the general trend of my country’s manufacturing industry upgrading and dual circulation, green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing have put forward higher requirements for heat treatment technology and equipment. As an advanced process in the field of heat treatment production technology, vacuum heat treatment has the advantages of… Continue reading

Application of EVOC Industrial Flat Panel in MES System of Injection Molding Machine

1. System overview Are you still using costly and inefficient injection molding site management methods? Now let me introduce to you an MES system scheme of injection molding machine based on industrial flat panel. The injection molding industry is currently facing many factors, such as raw material costs, rising labor… Continue reading

How an Integrated Brushed DC Solution Reduces Automotive Motor Size, Enhances Protection, and Simplifies Design

“Simple, low-cost, and versatile brushed DC motors are ideal for automotive loads that require an integrated, high-power reliable motor driver, such as window lifters, sunroof controls, door locks, latches, and engine valves. “ Simple, low-cost, and versatile brushed DC motors are ideal for automotive loads that require an integrated, high-power… Continue reading

Millimeter wave technology application, millimeter wave sensor builds an integrated single chip

“Millimeter wave technology is extremely hot, and millimeter waves have been adopted in many products. For millimeter waves, the editor has already done a lot of explanations. In this article, we will introduce millimeter wave sensors to form an integrated single chip. “ Millimeter wave technology is extremely hot, and… Continue reading

The monopoly of Japan and South Korea has become a trend. How can domestic FPC manufacturers stand out?

The term “FPC” may be very unfamiliar to ordinary people, but it is closely related to our lives, and it can be found in mobile phones and tablet computers. From 2014, FPC was applied to the fingerprint recognition module of iPhone 6; to 2016, it was applied to the dual… Continue reading

This RISC-V processor, which is highly expected by Europe, has taken an important step

The European Processor Initiative (EPI) has successfully conducted the first test of its RISC-V-based European Processor Accelerator (EPAC), touting it as the first step toward homegrown supercomputing hardware. Launched in 2018, the EPI aims to reduce the European supercomputing industry’s reliance on foreign technology companies. At its core is the… Continue reading