Tsinghua University Zhang Yingying’s research group “PNAS”: 3D printing preparation of super-stretchable ion nerve electrode

Peripheral nerve signal collection and electrical stimulation have important clinical application value in the treatment of nerve-related diseases (such as nerve palsy, epilepsy, Parkinson’s syndrome and spinal cord injury). Traditional nerve electrodes are usually made of hard metals or metal oxides (modulus of elasticity about 100 GPa). There are great… Continue reading

What factors are related to the high rate of defective dispensing of automatic dispensers?

With the advancement of factory intelligence, many companies have used intelligent automatic dispensers. The yield and defect rate of automatic dispensers have become a concern of many people. So what factors will cause automatic dispensers Is the defect rate increased? With the advancement of factory intelligence, many companies have used… Continue reading

Micro-machining centre simplifies mould making

The accuracy of a 5-axis micro-machining centre is simplifying the production of injection mould tools used for producing microfluidic devices As one of the UK’s top ten academic research centres, Cardiff University and in particular its Manufacturing Engineering Centre (MEC) continually conducts advanced scientific projects. Within the MEC department, the… Continue reading

Large tote mold manufacturer

Sino mould offers large tote mold, storage container mold throughout the world, like for 30L tote mold, 45L tote mold, 110L tote mold, 150L tote mold……we supply this large tote molds to Italy, south Africa, turkey and so on. Attached is one mold photo for 110L tote mold, developed the… Continue reading

Laser cutting machine becomes a new magic weapon for farmers

Science and technology are the primary productive forces, science and technology promote modern agriculture, and science and technology increase labor productivity. In the final analysis, agricultural science and technology is agricultural modernization. Agricultural modernization depends largely on agricultural mechanization, which is manifested in agricultural mechanization. Agriculture continues to develop, and… Continue reading

How to deal with the plunger of the four-column hydraulic press seized in the cylinder bore

The four-column Hydraulic Press will inevitably have one or other failures during use. The main cause of the four-column hydraulic press plunger seizure is the deformation of the cylinder bore. Usually, the center steel ball on it falls off during assembly. When the pump is started, the end face of… Continue reading

Large industrial dust bin molds

As leading chinese mold makers, Pastic mould provide large industrial dust bin molds with different sizes for different customers. We have made dustbin moulds for 20L dustbin mold, 60Ldustbin mold,120L dustbin mold,240Lgarbage bin mold, 360L garbage bin mold,720L large industrial bin mold, 1000Llarge industrial bin mold and so on. As… Continue reading

The specific production process of precision CNC machining parts

precision cnc machining is used by a large number of people, but do you know the production process of precision CNC machining parts ?  1. From the hardware point of view, the machining of mechanical parts requires a variety of mechanical equipment, such as cars, milling machines, planers, grinding machines, broaching… Continue reading

ChinaCNC Show in Syria Damascus Exhibition Successfully Upload to:09-20 2019

Celebrating Syria agent take China BCM1325S with rotary machine show in Damascus Exhibition, China Europe design and heavy body attract a lot of clients, machine’s perfect working and Jobs get a lot of orders from them. Syria Damascus TV station attaches great importance to this exhibition, reported on the event… Continue reading