Causes of excessive oil temperature in transmission


Different types of transmissions have different requirements for lubricating oil cooling. Radiators are increasingly used in different transmissions. Radiators are generally divided into two types: water-cooled and air-cooled: water-cooled is the use of water and transmission in the water tank in front of the engine The lubricating oil is used for heat exchange; the air-cooled type uses the surrounding air to pass through the fins and the lubricating oil in the pipe for the lubricating oil inlet and outlet, the cooling water inlet and outlet external radiator interface, and the built-in radiator radiator cooling water inlet and outlet.

In the use of transmission, there are many reasons for high oil temperature, such as: long-term low-speed operation; working environment temperature is too high; poor heat dissipation, air circulation around the transmission is restricted; exhaust system is too close to the transmission; Running at high speed; heavy-load climbing is too long and steep; poor lubricating oil quality, leakage, etc., will cause the transmission oil temperature to rise above 120°C. When the oil temperature exceeds 120°C, the lubricating oil will quickly oxidize and lose lubrication The effect is that the transmission components are damaged and the work fails. Adding an oil pump and a radiator to the transmission can increase the flow and cooling of the oil, reduce the oil temperature to a normal temperature, and extend the life cycle of the lubricating oil and the life of the transmission. The following introduces the conditions and precautions for installing the radiator in the transmission of EATON, and provides some references for related product designers when designing the transmission. Conditions for installing oil pump and radiator in the transmission: For overspeed transmissions with engines above 400kW, it is recommended to install oil cooling.

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