Characteristics and process requirements of mold production in CNC precision machining

(1), the characteristics of CNC precision machining mold productionMold manufacturing technology concentrates on many techniques of machining, and organic and electrical processing is also inseparable from manual operation by fitters.
1 Selection of mold production methods
a) Small batch production of parts, in a single piece and in a compounded manner.
b) The parts are large in batch size and are produced in a complete set.
c) If multiple molds are required for the same part product, the continuity of the mold should be maintained and adjusted.
2 Features of mold manufacturing:
a) The processing content of the same process is large, so the production efficiency is low.
b) Require workers to have a higher technical level.
c) The size and position of certain working parts of the mold must be determined after testing.
d) After assembly, it is necessary to test, adjust and repair the mold.
e) The mold production cycle is generally longer and the cost is higher.
f) Mold production is a typical single-piece production, so the production process, management methods, manufacturing processes have unique regularity and particularity.

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