China And The United States Began Trade War

For the beginning of the Sino-US trade war, we are also very sad. It is not terrible to have differences. After all, the positions are different and the interests of maintenance are different. As a manufacturer, we will do our best to serve each customer and make the best products. The competition is fierce. We can use the existing conditions, better innovative services, innovative products, and provide the best for customers all over the world. Service, if you have RIGGING HARDWARE, MARINE HARDWARE, CABLE RAILINGS AND SWAGE TERMINALS HARDWARE, PLS CONTACT US.

PINTEJIN Rigging lifting sling now has become leading enterprise in China. And we are creating the largest-scale and metal forging workshop.PINTEJIN has the complete production line from raw material to finished products. Each processing has independent workshop, making lifting sling, ratchet strap, car towing belt from 0.5T to 3000T. We are capable of finishing big order quickly.

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