China Stainless Steel Exhibition Held In Shanghai In November!

Autumn valiant, sweet-scented osmanthus, autumn is full of hopeful season. People wish to do so, such as appointment, to attend the annual session of the China Stainless Steel Fair in Shanghai, at this time is also an important node around the dealer to replace the brand, is also a critical period of end-user purchasing stocking.

China Stainless Steel Fair, originated from China's largest metal material event, the EXPO Metal World Expo, co-organized by Allianz Chamber of Commerce, Stainless Steel Branch of China Metal Materials Circulation Association, Steel Branch of China Steel Structure Association and Shanghai Steel Pipe Industry Association.

In the past few years, Stainless Steel China has always been committed to establishing an international sales network focusing on transactional marketing, establishing deep cooperation between Chinese stainless steel enterprises and foreign enterprises, and leading the development direction of the industry. It has become an important task for enterprises to maintain customer relationships and establish new The necessary platform for business contacts.<from terada>

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