Chinese plastic supplier

Chinese plastic supplier

    Hello! Are you looking for plastic material. We can offer you different kind of plastic material. PP PE TPE ABS HDPE PC PA PBT PET PMMA POM PPE PS SAN PVC, and we can offer you different kind color.Whatever you need,we can offer you.

    You can buy plastic material from our company every month even every week, we not only offer you plastic material, but also the whole line. When you sometime need some plastic mould,we export plastic mould all over the moud,especially injection mould. Household mould, home appliance mould,PVC pipe fitting mould,PET preform mould, automotive mould,crate mould,pallet mould and so on.All kind of plastic mould,we all can make.

    And if you want to buy injection machine,you can also contact me. We have a branch company specialized in injection machine. From 50ton to 1600ton, we all can satisfied you.

   Look! How convenient!


You have a friend can offer you everything!

   Don’t be hesitate! Contact me at any time

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