Chiphe Semiconductor’s “RF EDA/Filter Design Platform” Shines at IMS2022

[Introduction]June **, 2022, Shanghai, China – Chip and semiconductor, a leading enterprise in the domestic EDA and IPD industry, released the latest RF EDA/filter design platform at the 2022 IMS International Microwave Week event. Numerous compliments from industry experts. IMS2022 was held in Denver, Colorado, USA from June 19th to 24th. This is the ninth consecutive year that Chips and Semiconductors participated in this grand event in the RF microwave industry.

Chiphe Semiconductor’s “RF EDA/Filter Design Platform” Shines at IMS2022

The RF EDA/filter design platform released by Xinhe Semiconductor includes two parts: EDA tools and filter design, covering the entire RF design process from RF chip, package, module to board level, and also includes IPD, Hybrid Filter technology and EDA tools tailored for filter design, as detailed below:

EDA – RF Chip

● IRIS supports on-chip passive modeling and simulation of RFIC designs. With an accelerated 3D EM solver, advanced process support, and seamless integration with Virtuoso, IRIS helps RFIC designers achieve a first-time design-in-silicon experience.

● iModeler embeds various RF and high-speed passive device templates. Using a high-precision accelerated EM solver combined with a neural network training algorithm, iModeler can quickly build a PDK layout based on a specific process and a parametric model of an equivalent circuit to fully meet your design needs.

● iVerifier provides a comparison report by comparing the EM results of each PDK parameterized model, the neural network training model results and the SPICE results of the equivalent circuit, so that you can see the accuracy of each model index at a glance.

EDA – Radio Frequency Systems

● XDS provides a full range of RF system solutions, from chip to package to PCB. It supports EM extraction of the entire link and cross-scale model, built-in cascade algorithm and spice simulator, with field-circuit co-simulation function, plus various high-level analysis, so that you can design from the system level directly according to system indicators Iterate to master the entire design. XDS also has built-in various RF devices and behavior-level models, including the management of third-party device libraries, making you more handy in RF system design.


● XDS has built-in RF filter solutions, providing customized services for filter design. It provides a complete filter design flow from schematic to layout to post-layout co-simulation. It supports multiple filter types including IPD, SAW and BAW. Built-in fast schematic creation of filter topologies, built-in specification library level one automatic layout generation, tuning and optimization make filter design easier.

Filter-IPD Technology

● Core Semiconductor provides one-stop IPD solutions for RF front-end module and system customers in the mobile communication and IoT industries

● The IPD design of core and semiconductor is based on HRSi or Glass and other substrates, and the IP library has been rigorously verified by the fab, including filters, power dividers, couplers, baluns, multiplexers, matching networks, and RC networks , high-density silicon capacitors and many other RF passive devices.

● With the development of 5G, SiP modularization has become a common choice in the industry. Chip and IPD are based on wafer technology and have the advantages of small size, low height, low cost, high consistency, high yield, stable performance, customizability and easy integration. They have been widely adopted in frequency bands such as N77 and N79.

● The IPD technology of cores and semiconductors is very suitable for developing high-frequency broadband filters, which is a field that mechanical wave devices such as SAW/BAW are currently difficult to apply. According to the application requirements, the chip and semiconductor customized IPD devices can further improve the overall performance and integration, and rely on mature and reliable semiconductor processing technology to ensure the stable and high-quality delivery of IPD products, and the global shipment has exceeded 1 billion.

Filter – Hybrid Technology

● Core and Semiconductor’s unique Hybrid technology, by combining IPD and FBAR technology, can combine the different advantages of electromagnetic and mechanical wave devices to achieve high-frequency, high-bandwidth, high-power filters. It has both the high Q value of FBAR and the flexibility and diversity of IPD, so that various passive functions can be coordinated in the Hybrid technology to achieve high-performance, highly integrated 5G NR and other RF front-ends.

About Core and Semiconductor

Xinhe Semiconductor is a leading enterprise in the domestic EDA industry, providing simulation EDA solutions covering the entire industry chain from IC, packaging to system, and is committed to enabling and accelerating the design of a new generation of high-speed and high-frequency intelligent Electronic products.

The EDA products and solutions with independent intellectual property rights of Xinhe Semiconductor have been continuously verified in advanced semiconductor process nodes and advanced packaging, and have been widely used in 5G, smart phones, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and data centers, etc., effectively connecting major IC design company and manufacturing company.

Xinhe Semiconductor also plays an important role in the global 5G RF front-end supply chain. It provides RF front-end filters and modules for mobile phone and IoT customers through its self-innovative filter and system-in-package design platform, and was selected by Yole as a global leader. Leading supplier of IPD filters.

Founded in 2010, Xinhe Semiconductor was formerly known as Xinhe Technology. Its operations and R&D headquarters are located in Zhangjiang, Shanghai. It has R&D sub-centers in Suzhou, Wuhan, and Xi’an, and sales and technology in Silicon Valley, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Xi’an in the United States. support department. For more details, please visit

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