Closed Body Turnbuckle And Thread Swage Terminals Precautions For Use

Hi everyone, today Terada Hardware will tell you about the specific precautions for using stainless steel rigging and cable swage ends:

1. Do not use damaged rigging 

2. When lifting, do not twist, noose 

3. Do not let the rigging tie

4. Avoid tearing sewing joints or work overload 

5. When moving the rigging, do not drag it 

6. Avoid hunting or shock load 

7. Each rig must be checked before each use 

8. Polyester fiber is resistant to inorganic acid function, but vulnerable to organic acid damage 

9. Polypropylene is suitable for use in locations most resistant to chemicals 

10. Polyamide is resistant to inorganic acids and vulnerable to organic acids 

11. When damp nylon, the loss of up to 15% strong 

12. If the rigging is likely to be contaminated with chemicals or use at high temperatures, suppliers should seek reference.

In fact, such products as turnbuckle tensioner in the application as long as the customer follows the above principles is very safe, the other is also the case of closed body turnbuckle and thread swage terminals.

For questions and do not understand, do not hesitate to contact us, even if you are not our customer, as long as we know, can help you to answer your doubts. Terada Hardware professional manufacturer.

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